Tammie Lister: Emotion Through CSS

Our good friend Tim Holman was at CSSconf EU 2015. He told us about a number of wonderful talks by speakers who happened to use CodePen as part of talk. One such talk was Tammie Lister’s Emotion Through CSS. Here it is! Flatteringly, Tammie calls out a couple of the interaction animations on the CodePen […]

Cool Blog Alert: LittleSnippets

In my new capacity as one of the Pickers of Pens, I had the pleasure of discovering some lovely work by LittleSnippets. You may remember seeing this Pen I picked in September. I love how LittleSnippets is using CodePen to power their daily HTML/CSS blog. Right now they have more than a hundred Pens featuring […]

061: Hiring

Show Notes Good News / Bad News: we’re all full up on employees already. We’d love to be able to hire more of the wonderful people who have expressed interest, but we are all set for now. Hopefully we can grow and hire more of you in the future! Hiring was completely new territory for […]

Redesign Coverage

It’s been interesting to see the redesign get some industry news coverage! Web Design Ledger: … CodePen’s entire experience has been improved. You can still search by tags but also by collections and recent posts. A gripe I had with the old design was how each preview loaded very slow. On a page with 8-10 […]

CodePen ❤’s Education

I just spoke at The HighEdWeb Technical Academy this weekend. Big thanks to Dave Olsen for having me! .@chriscoyier kicking off this year's @HighEdWeb Technical Academy by sharing info about @CodePen. pic.twitter.com/bNWd5kuny4 — Dave Olsen (@dmolsen) October 3, 2015 It was a unique experience for me. I’ve spoken at a good number of web conferences, […]


The largest design update in CodePen’s history has just dropped! There is a lot to know, so we we thought we’d guide you through it all.

060: Redesign 3

Show Notes Launch day is coming up! How do you decide which ideas to kill, leave for later, or try to fit in before the launch. Hear everyone’s thoughts as they get ready for launch day on the new CodePen. Show Links CodePen on Sparkbox Redesign ZenHub Trello iTunes Reviews Help If you’re enjoying this […]

059: Picks

In this episode we take a look at something uniquely CodePen: the “Picks”. Why did we start doing it? What are the upsides? downsides? We also look at a little bit of the tech behind how it works. Show Sponsor For years, Media Temple’s Grid service has been the web hosting choice of more designers, […]

The One Where We Discover Social Media

It’s been a long time coming, but we’re finally getting our social media act together! You can now find CodePen on: Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/CodePen Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CodePen (yes, it’s really us now!) Google+: https://www.google.com/+CodePenIo Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/CodePen Instagram: https://instagram.com/CodePen

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