023: Churn

This week on CodePen Radio, something that affects all web apps that use the subscriber model: Churn. 1:08 CodePen’s primary income comes from people signing up for Pro accounts. The idea is that we grow as a business as more people sign up. As we create new and valuable features, more people will sign up! […]

Comment Spam Checking via Akismet

In the last few months we’ve had a couple of comment spammers come through so we decided to do the work needed to fight it. Email verification should catch a bunch of them, but we’re doing even more now. We’re now running all comments (for Pens and Posts) through Akismet, the spam-checking service from Automattic. […]


Dariel Noel has created a neat little JavaScript library for interface animations. It’s not the animations themselves that are interesting, it’s the syntax of how you apply them. Rather than write actual JavaScript, you do it right in the HTML by describing what you want to happen in a data-* attribute on the element, like: […]

Design Patterns

If you’re looking for inspiration on a project, CodePen is a great place for that. Not only can you build things and test them and share them and all that, other people are doing that as well and it’s all findable and open source. One great way to do that is search. Search results are […]

HMMMMMM – What should I build?

We hear people occasionally wondering out loud what they should tinker around building. CodePen is the perfect place for that, but the inspiration often comes frome elsewhere. Tim Evko’s app Practice is perfect for inspiring ideas for something to build. The app will straight up give you ideas, like: Make a demo that calls different […]

022: Advertising

This week on CodePen Radio, we talk advertising. Both sides: using advertising as part of a business model as well as using advertising to grow. 1:20 We use advertising on CodePen. Shortly after we started, we decided that we should use advertising on the site to help pay for server costs. 2:35 We used BuySellAds.com […]

Custom Fonts?

We updated what fonts are in use around here on CodePen. The big idea was to drop all custom fonts, for speed reasons, but found that only “web safe” fonts made things a little drab. So, a middle ground! Read the post over on my CodePen Blog: Updating the Typography on Posts.

CodePen Meetups!

We’re going to be holding the very first one in Austin, Texas! All three of us co-founders will be there. The plan is just to hang out, eat and drink (on us), chat about web stuff, give aways some swag, and probably do some fun group activities like a quiz. CodePen Meetups Join the Meetup.com […]

Slim Mode!

Slim lovers, we finally have proper syntax highlighting and correct editor behavior for you. This is thanks to CodeMirror 4.5 which had it in it’s release, we just upgraded to it =). In addition to just the nice, terse syntax, you can do things that HTML can’t, like loops. To activate Slim, choose it from […]

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