HTML Preprocessor Output

Just a quick note about this! HTML minification is weird. If you strip out all whitespace from an HTML document, it can (and probably will) render differently. Inline (and inline-block, inline-table, etc.) elements render a space if there is any whitespace between them in the HTML, but no space if there isn’t, which can lead […]

Debug View No Longer Requires Authentication for PRO

While you are logged in, you personally can access the Debug View of any Pen. It allows you to see the authored code without an iframe or any other CodePen influence. That makes it nice for testing things exactly as they would be out in the wild, wild internet. The URL format for Pens in […]


We’ve recently started using PubNub to power some of the realtime connection stuff we do here at CodePen. For instance, with our Professor Mode feature, you use our editor to teach a group of students who are watching on their own computers in their own browsers. That requires a robust realtime connection to do that. […]

Custom Profiles

If you’re a PRO member, one of the little neat benefits is that you can add custom CSS to your own profile. In your Settings, there is an input to put the URL of a Pen where that CSS is (so you can use CodePen to customize CodePen). Here’s some excellent examples of what different […]

Try PRO Free for Fourteen Days

Now you can try out CodePen PRO completely free for 14 days. All you need is a free CodePen account, and you just click a button to start your trial. You only get to join the promotion once, so perhaps you could even time it as to take advantage of something coming up in your […]

2,000,000 Pens

It took the CodePen community 18 months (June 2012 – January 2014) to make 1,000,000 Pens. Now just 8 months to make 1,000,000 more! That’s pretty cool. Good work team. All the more great stuff to search for.

var t;

Jenn Schiffer’s new project: Learning about art, using JavaScript. Jenn always strikes a perfect balance of interesting, hilarious, and educational. Her first post is an exploration of Mondrian and trying to create randomized versions in code. Nice looking embeds eh? See the Pen JavaScripting Mondrian Pt. 3 by Jenn (@jennschiffer) on CodePen.

024: Responsibility

This week on CodePen Radio, we’re talking about responsibility. We’re all responsible for keeping the site up, but we are going get into the details of what our different roles require, and what it means to take responsibility for your product. Our Responsibilities at CodePen 2:00 Tim keeps the site running and our servers fast. […]

See The Posts and Collections You’ve Hearted

You’ve been able to heart Posts and Collections for a little while now, but it was just kind of a gesture as not much was being done with that heart. Our bad – but that’s been our development style – don’t hold up releasing a feature just because you could make it better later. Now […]

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