Better Mobile Editing Thanks to CodeMirror 5

Here’s something new you can do in CodePen’s mobile editor: Copy and paste! Seems pretty obvious, but this wasn’t possible before and is a huge upgrade. tested on iOS, Android Chrome, stock Android browser CodeMirror 5.0 introduced this, so high five to Marijn Haverbeke and anyone else who contributed to that.

Now Supporting TypeScript

We’re now offering TypeScript as a JavaScript preprocessor on CodePen! TypeScript is a superset of JavaScript, meaning it’s the same syntax as JavaScript and supports everything JavaScript does, but also does more. It’s developed by Microsoft, who adds: TypeScript offers classes, modules, and interfaces to help you build robust components. These features are available at […]

Babel Now on CodePen! Write ES6+ JavaScript (and React JSX)

Babel is essentially a preprocessor for JavaScript. You write JavaScript with all the fancy ES6 (and beyond) features you want, and the code is compiled down to ES5 so it can run in pretty much whatever browser. We used to use Traceur for this. Turns out Babel can do everything Traceur can does and more, […]

Pen Settings, Redesigned.

Howdy! We just released the next generation of how we do settings in the code editor here on CodePen. If you prefer, here’s a quick video showing it all off: Everything Under One Roof Settings used to be rather spread out. Each language had it’s own setting panel. There was another area for overall Pen […]

Welcome Guest Picker: Ana Tudor

This week Ana Tudor will be your guest picker! Perhaps you know Ana from here mathematical artistic explorations like three-dimensional CSS polyhedra or her deep dive into the UI styling of range input sliders. Ana is one of our earliest users. She’s been constantly building incredible demos for years. She used every nook and cranny […]

40: Newsletters

Our topic this week is Email Newsletters. CodePen has an email newsletter, and so we’re dedicating this whole show to talking about how we create it, and the tools we use for managing those emails. Why Email? 1:38 Email is a great way to communicate with your users directly. If you have a web application […]

Sparkbox Teaches Girl Scouts to Build Websites

That dang team at Sparkbox, always doing amazing stuff. They wrote about it here and even used CodePen at time to help out: Everyone started at various levels of technical knowledge at the beginning of the day, with some girls feeling quite intimidated by writing code themselves. And when we talked about the theory and […]

Tidy Up!

We’ve long had a feature for cleaning up the indentation of code on CodePen. The problem was it was really hard to find. It was a keyboard command mapped to Shift + Tab – and it only worked in the default key bindings, not if you had Sublime Text or Vim key bindings active. We […]

039: Docker

This week we’re talking about Docker. One of the reason we’re interested in Docker is because of how popular is (it’s good to keep your finger on the pulse of popular new technologies). It’s a big deal, but a surprisingly small number of people are using it. In this episode, we discuss what Docker is, […]

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