Infinite Loop Protection, Round Two!

TL;DR: Infinite loops suck in JavaScript. They lock up the browser. It’s a fairly difficult problem to solve. We didn’t quite get it right the first time. But now, we think we’re a lot closer and you should be protected from them throughout CodePen. The last time we talked about stopping infinite loops here on […]

Give the Gift of CodePen PRO

We’ve been asked several times about buying CodePen PRO accounts for other users, so we thought we’d make that real easy! Just go to our Gifting page, type in their username, complete payment, and it’s automatically done!

New Meetups: Los Angeles and Istanbul

There is a couple of new CodePen Meetups happening soon! Both of them for the first time in that city. Istanbul, Turkey – December 15th, 2014 – Info and RSVP Los Angeles, California – January 8th, 2015 – Info and RSVP

Tiny Fixes: Two Weeks in the life of Software Development

It’s a little hard sometimes to tell exactly what a software development team is doing. If you’re happy with the software, you assume they are hard at work doing wonderful things you’ll love. If you’re not happy with the software, you assume they are sitting on their butts doing nothing. I thought it would be […]

029: Testing

This week, we’re talking about testing: what testing is, the different kinds of tests we run at CodePen, and why they are important. What kind of testing do we do at CodePen? 2:28 Mostly unit testing. You have a pre-defined set of inputs, and you test the outputs from the code, and figure out if […]

Front End Files

We had a fellow named Parthiv write in to tell us about a little app he created that uses Bower to pull all the required front end resources together for certain packages. Then it gives you links to download an HTML file with those resources linked up and ready to use, or even better, a […]

Announcing the CodePen Job Board!

Brand new thing! We’ve been planning and building the CodePen Job Board for months and we’re elated to release it. A job board for front end developers That’s the big idea here. CodePen is this big community of front end developers and so we’re hoping this can be a niche job board targeted at those […]

Two Useful CSS Apps That Beautifully Export to CodePen

CSS Toolkit is a Mac app for designing elements. It has a beautifully clean interface. You’ll find yourself creating beautiful things in a just a few clicks. It’s certainly easier than firing up Photoshop just to play with getting a gradient just right, or exploring some different type. Best of all for all use CodePen […]

028: Users

This week on CodePen Radio, we’re talking about users: who our users are, what they expect, where they come from, and things like that. Doing some research 1:45 We wanted to do some research to understand our users: who is coming to CodePen, and why? Where did they come from? We gathered information from the […]

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