044: Search

Our topic this week is Search. In this episode, we discuss how we do search on CodePen, some of the challenges we face, how we handle spam, and Tim shares four great tips on setting up search on your site. Show Links: Google Custom Search Engine Apache Solr Lucene If you have a job opening […]

Scale Your Code

Our own Tim Sabat was a guest on Christophe Limpalair’s show Scale Your Code. Tim came prepared and he didn’t hold anything back. See every layer of CodePen’s infrastructure from security to AWS and Docker. He teaches us how they’re able to serve 3.4M uniques/month and 12,000 requests per minute. Go listen!

Envato Remix

The folks at Envato Market have put together a Remix Challenge contest. Basically you take some basic HTML that forms a profile card and design it all up cool’n’fancy with CSS. There will be three winners chosen by the Envato staff, chosen on Monday July 20th (you have a month!). Feel free to browse the […]

043: Podcasting

We got a bunch of questions from a listener (Hey Greg!) about podcasting, so in this episode we’re talking about our podcasting process. What is a Podcast? 1:47 A podcast is an RSS feed (XML data) that you host somewhere that people can subscribe to. Podcast RSS feeds have a few extra pieces of data […]

Explore Angular Material (and Move Those Demos to CodePen)

Perhaps you’ve heard of Google’s Material Design? We challenged ourselves to create a visual language for our users that synthesizes the classic principles of good design with the innovation and possibility of technology and science. This is material design. It’s more of an aesthetic and set of principles than it is a grab-n-go pattern library. […]

Power Surge

Pretty cool to see a screenshot of CodePen on The Mozilla Blog. It comes from them showing off the new performance tools in Firefox Developer Edition. Part of that was a game they created called Power Surge. It’s here on CodePen! See the Pen Power Surge by Mozilla Hacks (@mozhacks) on CodePen. It’s a pretty […]

042: Settings 2

Back in episode 36, we talked about some changes we made to how we do settings in individual Pens. We just rolled out a big update to settings in CodePen; so this episode is going to be about that process and the challenges we ran into while making those changes to our codebase. It ended […]

Animation Principles from The Illusion of Life, Codified

There is a book called The Illusion of Life by Ollie Johnston and Frank Thomas, two of the animation masters at Disney’s during the Golden Age of animation, referred by Walt Disney as his “Nine Old Men”. In it, it lays out 12 basic principles of animation. Vincenzo Lodigiani somewhat recently interpreted those principals using […]

CodePen and the Net Awards

There are lots of CodePen people who have done wonderful work on CodePen on the ballot of the Net Awards this year. I’ll link up their profiles and the categories they are nominated for: Tiffany Rayside is up for Emerging Talent of the Year Lucas Bebber is up for Young Developer of the Year Una […]

041: Open Source

Our topic this week is Open Source. 1:46 There are a few other code processing apps that are open source; JS Bin and Dabblet, for example. So why isn’t CodePen open source? That’s the question we’re answering on today’s episode. Would a GitHub issue thread be a good place for customer support? 3:39 It is […]

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