069: Immigration

Show Description This episode we talk with Elizabeth Jamae of Jamae Law Group about what’s involved in bringing someone from outside the US to come work for you – using our own Tim Holman as an example. Show Sponsor Bushel – Set up and protect your Apple devices anytime from anywhere. Show Links Some other […]

New PRO Feature: Private Collections!

We just launched a new PRO feature, private Collections! Private Collections are just like regular Collections in that they are groups of Pens that are made to be easy to browse and share. They can be your Pens in the Collection, or anyone else’s. You can start a Private Collection by sliding the toggle switch […]

New Public Bug Tracker

When we launched our redesign in October, we decided to experiment with a temporary GitHub repo to collect redesign bug reports. We like how that experiment went. So, we’ve decided to continue experimenting with a new repo, open to public, for reporting any CodePen bugs. If you find a bug, we invite you to submit […]

068: Albaugh

Show Description Jake Albaugh is our latest hire! We have him on to talk about what it was like to get hired and join the CodePen team – including the feature he got to work on first. Show Links Jake on Twitter Jake on CodePen Alex on Twitter Alex on CodePen Chris on Twitter Chris […]

New Interface for Embed Code and Embed Theme Builder

Last week we slid out the door some fairly major changes to how you work with Embedded Pens. Not a lot of major changes in what you can do, just, hopefully, better UX. Pick a Theme, Adjust the Height, and Go The big idea for us was simplification. Before, when you clicked the Embed button […]

My Experience at SNDMakes Austin

I just got back from a fantastic event called SNDMakes. SND is the Society for News Design. Most of the people involved come from the publication and journalism world. I thought it would be little bit outside my normal circles But really, it wasn’t. People at this event are largely web people and they come […]

067: Holman

Show Description Hiring a developer from overseas brings it’s own unique challenges: immigration questions, salary questions, and onboarding. We chat with Tim Holman on what his first couple of weeks here at CodePen have been like. Show Links Tim Holman on CodePen Alex Vazquez on CodePen Tim Sabat on CodePen Chris Coyier on CodePen JSDo.it


Have you ever thought I’d love to build something artistic but I just don’t know where to start? I know I have. One of the nice things about CodePen is that all the public Pens are open source. That means you’re free to use the code you find here for whatever you wish. One way […]

Una Kravets: Editing Images with CSS

Earlier this year, I had the fantastic pleasure of attending CSSConf EU. Among the great talks, Una’s particularly stood out. Along with the talk, Una published a series of blog posts going over the building of various CSS image effects using blend modes and other clever tricks. These are accompanied by some very interesting Pens, which are definitely worth checking out! […]

Double Click Collapsed Editor to Reset Layout

Normally, double-clicking a separator bar expands that editor to be fully maximized (collapsing the other editors). That’s still true, but now, if you double-click that same separator bar after expanding it will return the editor the previous state before expansion. Now it’s easier to temporarily maximize an editor and then jump back to how it […]

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