Some Awesome Teams on CodePen

We offer Teams as a type of account here at CodePen. It’s for companies and organizations that want to use CodePen together. The members can still use CodePen as themselves, but they can switch over at anytime to be using CodePen as the Team they are a part of, meaning they can create or edit […]

Philly Fun

Big thanks to Joni Trythall for hosting the first ever Philidelphia CodePen Meetup at Lincoln Loop. She wrote up a post about how it all went and it sounds like it was a fantastic night. Very full house at the Philly @CodePen meetup tonight! — Joni Trythall (@JoniTrythall) February 26, 2015 Check out the […]

Custom Scrollbars

It always made me mega sad to look at the editor in Firefox or IE when using one of the dark themes in the CodePen Editor. WHITE scrollbars =(. And the problem was made worse now that we offer the option to turn off wrapping, you can potentially have scrollbars both directions. Pretty unacceptably nasty. […]

Code Folding & More Settings to Customize the Editor

Another one of those features that gets asked for a lot (much like indentation settings, which we just released) is code folding. No kidding: Wishing @CodePen supported collapsible code sections. — Tyson Matanich (@tysonmatanich) February 20, 2015 Meaning, the ability to visually collapse a section of code. The code is still there and executes as […]

Welcome Guest Picker: Jack Rugile

Fun fact about Jack: he was the first CodePen PRO user ever. It was minutes after we deployed the code to make the possible when he signed up. I remember sitting around my dining room table with Tim and Alex and ordering celebratory pizza. We noticed that the profit we made from Jack’s upgrade exactly […]

Dudley Storey’s Learning Sass with CodePen Series

Mr. Dudley Storey has been blogging a series about learning Sass and making CodePen demos for the concepts along the way. It’s a great way to get acquainted with the CSS preprocessor if you haven’t yet. Seven parts so far! Part one: Learning Sass with CodePen Part two: Nesting Part three: extend Part four: Color […]

User Feedback Survey

We’re in the early stages of a redesign. We’re working with Sparkbox to do it, which we couldn’t be more excited about. Phase I: learn as much as we absolutely can about our users! Part of that is a user survey, which I’ll just embed below. The more responses we get on that, the better! […]

The Same Syntax Highlighting Everywhere

We just recently converted the blogs to use the same syntax highlighting as the editor. You know, the same syntax highlighting style that you choose in your user settings. This is just a quick note to let you know that that same system is now used in the Asset Manager (for editing text-based assets) and […]

036: Settings

This week we’re talking about Settings. There are many settings in CodePen, and we’ve been working on them a lot lately. Common settings for a web app The most common settings in a web app are the passwords and user names, and notifications. We’ll probably do a whole show on notifications, but today we’re going […]

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