Hearts Abound!

Here comes Valentine’s Day! Pop open CodePen TV on one of these collections for an endless stream of hearts and love! Hearted so hard, a collection from Sarah Drasner Hearts and Love, a collection from our very own Tim Holman Mai El-Awini’s beautiful collection of heart-themed Pens (she did one for every day of CodeVember! […]

JSX Properly Highlighted

CodePen has supported JSX syntax for a while now, through using Babel as the JavaScript preprocessor. Butttt, the syntax highlighting was a little janky. An opening HTML tag would be a totally different color than a closing tag, for example. Because the normal JavaScript syntax highlighting didn’t really know what to do with that. Thankfully, […]

Command to Clear the Console

This is a supported command now in the console. console.clear(); Much like the native browser console, it only clears when the entire page refreshes. Refreshing just the demo doesn’t clear the console. If you want a clear console every time the demo refreshes, put that line at the top of the JS and it’ll do […]

076: Core Changes

Show Description It’s almost always bad news to alter a third-party dependency. You wouldn’t, for example, alter a core WordPress file to change how something works, because WordPress updates all the time (even automatically) and your changes would be wiped out. Ideally, third-party code offers hooks and APIs to change how it behaves. But what […]

Now Easier to Find and Add Preprocessor Add-Ons

We’ve rejiggered the UI a bit so that finding and adding preprocessor add-ons is a bit easier. As they say, easier to GIF than to paragraph: Brand new is the search bar and the “Add” buttons, so you can quickly filter them and one-click add them to the top of your CSS. (Only CSS has […]

Challenges Accepted

There were a couple of fun challenges in the CodePen community this week! On Tuesday, Wes Bos tweeted a JavaScript challenge for this Pen: See the Pen zrLjYq by Wes Bos (@wesbos) on CodePen. The rules of the challenge: When a user clicks a checkbox, holds Shift, and then clicks another checkbox a few rows […]

New Default Avatars

We’re in the middle of upgrading our avatar uploading/selecting service. That’ll be here soon, but as part of that, we wanted to stop serving the default “Blue Gravatar G” avatar as the fallback when a user doesn’t have an avatar at all. Now we have a new default avatar: It’s a bit less aggressive in […]

075: Rachel

Show Description Introducing our most recent hire, Rachel Smith! We talk about her use of CodePen’s posts, moving from Australia to work in the U.S. with an E3, her first projects, and how awesome it is to hire and work with people who already know the project inside and out. Show Sponsor Visit MediaTemple.net/codepen and […]

Ever Need to Figure Out the Slug of a Pen?

FROM WITHIN THE PEN ITSELF? Filip Kis needed that. I think the idea is that it’s a unique identifier, so if you need that for something programmatic (perhaps a unique key for Firebase or something), you got it. It also ensures that forks will also use their own unique key. Here’s the solution: See the […]

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