037: Health

This week, we’re talking about how we stay healthy at CodePen. 1:09 We’re tech workers. We stare at computer monitors all day. Our default state is “not moving”. We care about our health here at CodePen, so we try to be aware of certain things that affect our health, including diet, activity and exercise, and […]

Asset Getting Blocked by Corporate Firewalls

I say “corporate” firewall, because a few weeks ago we were getting quite a few emails from people saying that CodePen didn’t work on their computers at work (usually CodePen worked fine for them at home). There was a JavaScript error in the console, and essentially the editor wouldn’t load fully and was totally non-functional. […]

Welcome Guest Picker: Tim Holman

This week Tim Holman will be your guest picker. Welcome Tim! I love Tim’s style. He builds some incredibly unique and interesting demos. It’s very worth following him and poking around his profile. His ideas range from the clever and unexpected, to the whimsical and beautiful, to the smart and practical. He makes use of […]

Using Collections for a Meetup

This just strikes me as a pretty good idea. If you’re planning a CodePen Meetup where the plan is to be looking at or creating Pens, it could be cool to have an official collection, that way anybody that goes has a place they can go to get back to those Pens. PDX Creative Coders […]


MaterialUp is a showcase site for examples of material design, the design language put forth by Google. There are lots of examples of material design here on CodePen. Here’s a collection of my own. Searching brings up quite a bit too. When you’re browsing MaterialUp, the examples they feature that are from CodePen feature a […]


Just marking the day we hit 3,000,000 Pens. Too busy working on new cool stuff to celebrate too much!

“I’m thinking of using CodePen to teach a class…”

A professor writes in: I’m teaching a course in a couple of weeks on data visualization. I’ll be using D3 for the most part. The class has around 20 students in for 7 weeks. Could you please let me know what plan makes the most sense? Also would that plan allow students to keep their […]

Proper Stylus Support

We used to kinda “fake” Stylus support around here. We offered it as a preprocessor and it worked great that way, but the syntax highlighting for it wasn’t quite right. The indentation behavior wasn’t quite right. And one thing that people noticed a lot, was that Emmet didn’t work quite right in that mode either. […]

Kenji Saito’s Code Sketch

Kenji Saito makes some absolutely incredible web art. He made a beautiful way to explore his work on his own site that is worth checking out. The demos float by and you can click them to open them in a Full Page view version right there.

New Design Patterns Added!

To our Design Patterns page, we just added: Accordions, Menu Icons, Grids, Star Ratings, Breadcrumbs, Progress Bars, Toggles, and Sliders to the already robust collection of patterns. Pretty big family now! Useful for when you’re needing to look around quick for examples of common website-buildin’ components. Feel free to let us know of another good […]

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