Database Upgrades

Our own Tim Sabat keeps a vigilant eye on the stockpile of servers that run all things CodePen. One of the things he has his eye on was the disk space usage on our main database server. At our current run rate, we were looking at about 3 months of growth left on that server […]

Preventing Infinite Loops in the Grid

Crazy but true: a single line of JavaScript can completely crash any browser out there. Or at least the current tab if it’s a multi-threaded browser. That’s right, the dreaded infinite loop. A for loop that doesn’t ever meet its end condition, a while loop whose condition never becomes falsey, they spell the end for […]

Tables in Markdown

We support Markdown pretty much everywhere on CodePen. We just tweaked it a little bit to now allow tables everywhere. You could always do HTML tables, but Markdown tables are a little quicker to write out. They look like this: | | this | little | piggy | |—–|——-|———|——:| | one | alpha | hello […]

25: Payments

This week on CodePen Radio, we’re talking about the tech behind taking payments in a web app. If you want to make money with any kind of online business, money will need to change hands. We go over the different options for payment processing, and explain how we personally use Stripe and PayPal for processing […]

IcoMoon Previews

IcoMoon, the wonderful service for creating icon sets for production use, just released some upgrades to their SVG sprite output that does a great job. The new Quick Usage feature uploads the SVG sprite and required assets to some ready-to-use hosting and gives you copy and paste code to get started. Or, click the View […]

Getting Started With AngularJS

Michael Calkins has a whole free, public series called Getting Started with AngularJS on YouTube. It’s pretty neat for us to see, since the entire series uses CodePen to demonstrate the concepts. We of course support Angular. Here’s the overview video: Not only is CodePen a perfect place for screencasting because of the single-screen code-and-demo-together […]

Hide the Rerun Button on Embedded Pens

We had a user write in about this, so I thought I’d explain it in one three-step graphic: You have to a be a PRO member, because you’ll need to apply Custom CSS to a theme. As a PRO, you get unlimited embed themes as well and you’ll probably want to make this a special […]

HTML Preprocessor Output

Just a quick note about this! HTML minification is weird. If you strip out all whitespace from an HTML document, it can (and probably will) render differently. Inline (and inline-block, inline-table, etc.) elements render a space if there is any whitespace between them in the HTML, but no space if there isn’t, which can lead […]

Debug View No Longer Requires Authentication for PRO

While you are logged in, you personally can access the Debug View of any Pen. It allows you to see the authored code without an iframe or any other CodePen influence. That makes it nice for testing things exactly as they would be out in the wild, wild internet. The URL format for Pens in […]

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