Sparkbox Teaches Girl Scouts to Build Websites

That dang team at Sparkbox, always doing amazing stuff. They wrote about it here and even used CodePen at time to help out: Everyone started at various levels of technical knowledge at the beginning of the day, with some girls feeling quite intimidated by writing code themselves. And when we talked about the theory and […]

Tidy Up!

We’ve long had a feature for cleaning up the indentation of code on CodePen. The problem was it was really hard to find. It was a keyboard command mapped to Shift + Tab – and it only worked in the default key bindings, not if you had Sublime Text or Vim key bindings active. We […]

039: Docker

This week we’re talking about Docker. One of the reason we’re interested in Docker is because of how popular is (it’s good to keep your finger on the pulse of popular new technologies). It’s a big deal, but a surprisingly small number of people are using it. In this episode, we discuss what Docker is, […]

Documenting our Design Patterns

I tossed together a page of the Design Patterns we use here on CodePen. It uses 100% production CSS and JavaScript that the rest of the site uses, making it kind of “The Exhaust” as I talk about here, for now. I created the page for a few reasons. Primarily it exists because we’re working […]

We’re Working With Sparkbox on a Redesign

We’ve talked about this in passing the last few weeks, but let’s just make it clear and official: we’re working with Sparkbox on a redesign of CodePen itself. We’re right in the middle of the process right now, so there isn’t a whole lot to see, except for the process itself, which we’re documenting on […]

Welcome Guest Picker: Tiffany Rayside

This week Tiffany Rayside will be your guest picker! You probably recognize her from all her great work here on CodePen. Not only does she create lots of interesting and beautiful work with lots of different technologies, she’s always promoting other people’s interesting work. She’s smart, helpful, encouraging, and just a damn fine member of […]

Flexbox Fridays by Lincoln Loop

Team Lincoln Loop has been blogging about flexbox (the CSS layout thing) every Friday for 2 months now! Week 1 – Introduction, basics, and lots of links to references. Week 2 – Changing the flex-direction in a @media query. Transitioning the size of flex items. Week 3 – Aligning a set of tabs along the […]

Resource Finder

Nick Hehr created a Chrome Extension called Resource Finder, which helps you search Bower for front end resources right from the Chrome toolbar. In the External Resources inputs we offer in the CSS and JavaScript settings area, we already support typeahead for a lot of resources (just start typing, see results). And we have big […]

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