RSS Feeds for User Pens (and Profile Footers)

Every user has an RSS feed for their public Pens now (as well as their popular ones). Here’s mine. We don’t have comprehensive RSS coverage of CodePen just yet, but we pick away at it sometimes and keep it documented here. We’ve actually had these new feeds up for a few weeks, but needed to […]

019: Support

This week we talk about customer support. Pretty much all web apps need to have some system for customer support. How that goes can take many forms. 1:28 We provide support for CodePen through our support form (Wufoo form that goes to a shared Google Apps GMail account). That stuff gets mostly triaged into GitHub […]

Now Accepting PayPal

We’re now accepting PayPal as a payment method for PRO account here on CodePen. We’ve had a number of requests for it, so it’s nice to be able to accommodate. It’s pretty easy: Go to our PayPal Payment Page Fill out the form, telling us your username Proceed through Payment We’ll upgrade that account It’s […]

Content Security Policy

A few weeks ago we rolled out Content Security Policy on CodePen. You can read more about CSP here. It’s technology in modern web browsers that helps increase security. One of the most important things it can do is stop XSS (“Cross-Site Scripting” – basically stealing cookies). It does this by totally eliminating the possibility […]

Featured Blog Posts

Now that CodePen has a blogging feature, we figured we’d start picking out the best articles that y’all are writing and featuring them for others to find. Check out our Recent & Good Blog Posts page for a continuous steam of that! You don’t have to visit the site every time to keep up with […]

Angular in Libs (and the Future of Resource Adding)

By popular demand, we’ve added Angular to the dropdown of JavaScript libraries available: It makes sense there. Angular is a library in which you link up one JavaScript file and then build things Angular-style. A couple of notes: You are not limited to what shows up in that dropdown menu in regard to what JavaScript […]

018: SEO

This week on CodePen Radio, we dig into search engine optimization (SEO). Why it matters, what is specific to CodePen and what isn’t, how it relates to user generated content, moral obligations, best practices, different approaches to it, and more. 1:45 For us, SEO is important because people need to be able to find the […]

Links with target=”_blank”

We used to go to some elaborate trouble to allow you to use target=”_blank” on anchor links within our sandboxed iframe. We’re not sure if it was a behavior change in browsers or if it was something we changed over time regarding sandboxing or other security measure, but now, target=”_blank” links work as expected in […]

POSTing Doesn’t Error Anymore

You can absolutely use CodePen to build and play with web forms. Due to the sandboxing we do on the preview iframe, you can’t actually POST out directly from a form (a minor bit of security), but you can POST directly back to the Pen itself. Like: <form action=”#” method=”post”> <!– go nuts –> </form> […]

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