Using RequireJS in Pens

RequireJS is… … a JavaScript file and module loader. It is optimized for in-browser use You can use it in CodePen. It actually works pretty well with our Asset Hosting feature. You set a baseURL of where the assets are hosted, which could be anywhere, but is specifically… …if you’re using our Asset Hosting. […]

048: Drip

Our topic this week is marketing. Drip marketing, specifically. It’s hard to explain all the features and benefits of your app to your users, and drip marketing (commonly known as automatic email responders) is a great way to explain features to your users. In this episode, we’re going to share why drip marketing is important […]

Welcome Guest Picker: Sarah Drasner

You’ve likely seen Sarah’s work here on CodePen. She’s a multi-talented artist, often time working with SVG and animation. We love her work, her drive to help and educate others, and her community spirit. She’s the perfect person to give the Picked Pen keys to for a week here on CodePen so she can showcase […]

Number of Picks

Nate Wiley dug up some data about how many Picked Pens users have and ranked them. Pretty fun to explore all these talented folks. It makes a pretty good list of people to follow here on CodePen. And speaking of Picks, Gregor Adams has a fun post and comment thread going on people’s first-ever Picked […]

047: Edge Cases

It’s easy to go down an edge case rabbit hole and waste time. But aren’t we trained to do that as developers? Isn’t that our job? Which ones should we focus on?

046: Lambda

We’re starting to use Amazon Web Services Lambda lately for some of our preprocessing work. It has it’s ups and downs.

‘Best Of’ Compiliations

Twice now I’ve rounded up some of my favorite Pens for posts on the David Walsh Blog: Chris Coyier’s Favorite CodePen Demos Chris Coyier’s Favorite CodePen Demos II I think it’s a pretty fun format for a blog post. Not only do you get to pick some favs, you can explain why you think it’s […]

A Lonely Square

That John Brown is always doing crazy community art projects. A Lonely Square is: A community animation project with the unifying factor being a single black square in a field of white. Browse all the insanely cool demos, and even better, create and submit your own!

CSS Layer Tennis

CascadiaCSS, “A CSS conference for the Pacific Northwest,” just wrapped up earlier this month. I SO WISH I was there, because they had one of the coolest ideas ever: CSS Layer Tennis with CodePen! Layer Tennis was invented by Coudal and typically involves Adobe Creative Cloud stuff and passing files back and forth. Moving that […]

PostCSS Now Supported on CodePen

It’s true! PostCSS is here. It’s undeniable that this new CSS processor (they call it a “post processor”, but you can think of it in the same way you think of a preprocessor) is growing in popularity. It’s all about the plugins Perhaps the most important thing to know about PostCSS is that it doesn’t […]

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