Dropping Assets with the a Cursor Guide

The latest CodeMirror shows you the cursor position when you drag and drop stuff. Here, I’m dropping an SVG file in from the desktop (which places that files contents in the editor). The cursor-positioning bit doesn’t quite work when you drag from the assets area, because the editor isn’t active while you do that, but […]

052: Social

In this episode we talk about something pretty much every business needs to deal with these days: social media. Is it a marketing panacea? A time sink? A customer service portal? We certainly don’t have all the answers, but we’re trying. Episode Sponsor For years, Media Temple’s Grid service has been the web hosting choice […]

051: Finances

This week we have on special guest Dee Gill. Dee does lots of work for us at CodePen. This week we have her on to talk specially about the work she did revolving around our funding. Part of that was financial data forecasting growth and profit and things like that. It’s not quite as easy […]

babel.transform(“code”, { stage: 0 });

Babel is a JavaScript preprocessor that compiles future-syntax JavaScript down to JavaScript that can run in browsers today. I’ve actually written about how that concept can sometimes be problematic. It’s actually not that problematic in Babel though (my post was more about CSS). Babel does it in the best possible way. Namely: By default, it […]


Relaunched, with hundreds and hundreds of loading animations, mostly coming from CodePen users (credited).

050: Documents

This week we’re continuing the conversation about our recent funding. There are loads of documents that are a part of the process. We talk about Californa vs Delware, LLC vs S-Corp vs C-Corp, Shares vs Preferred Shares, YC AA Docs vs Series Seed Docs, and more. Harvest makes time tracking easy for developers. Start a […]

Four New Coding Fonts Available Now

Under your Editor Settings, you’ll be able to choose from eight different fonts now, four of which are brand new! Monaco / Courier – Standard issue monospace fonts preloaded on most operating systems. We just set the font-family, meaning no extra requests for fonts (fastest). Inconsolata – By Raph Levien. We load from Google Fonts. […]

Project Westminster

TIL I learned you can turn a @CodePen into a Universal Windows 10 app with 3 lines of code http://t.co/LjHLfMzcnw HOLY $%&@ — Dave Rupert (@davatron5000) August 4, 2015


Marijn Haverbeke, creator of the in-browser code editor CodeMirror that we use here on CodePen, has created a new in-browser editor, this time for Markdown. It’s called ProseMirror: Several companies have implemented systems that improve the situation. Google Docs is probably the most awe-inspiring browser-based document-editing interface around, but you can’t just drop that into […]

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