Fast-coding Screencasts

I loved this video by John Brown: At about 3 minutes in, he goes into super-fast coding mode. He must have recording himself working for a while. Then, played the video back at a higher speed and recorded himself talking of that. It makes it a bit more exciting! You can certainly cover a lot […]

Gitter has Embedded Pen Integration

Gitter is: Chat, for GitHub. Now featuring Embedded Pens! Just paste a link to a Pen and it’ll transform into an embed automatically. embedded @CodePen integration now on Gitter, paste a codepen link into any conversation, stand back and marvel at it's beauty — Gitter (@gitchat) January 21, 2015 Such falling rainbow things — […]

Interviewing Front End Hires with CodePen

Say you’re hiring a front end developer. You need to make sure they got chops, right? So you have to interview them. Interviewing isn’t easy for either party. I’ve heard some pretty embarrassing stories about companies who just aren’t doing it right. CodePen can help with interviewing. Here’s how. You don’t need to fly your […]

033: Postmortems

This week we talk about what you can do after a negative event happens at your company. Things like downtime or a security breach. First priority is solving the problem. Second priority is making sure it doesn’t happen again, and the first step toward that is a postmortem. Postmortems 00:36 A project postmortem is a […]

Command/Control + Shift + .

This is a fairly small thing, but it’s a fairly small thing that I’m pretty dang excited about. It’s that keyboard command that is the title of this post. What it does is close the closest open HTML tag. So if you have like: <h1>The Four Tops and your cursor is at the end and […]

032: Secrets

The week we talk secrets. 2:02 Every company has lots of secrets. We’re going to talk about how we keep our secrets secure. We aren’t talking about secrets like our plans to take over the world, but things like social security numbers, passwords for hosting services, stripe information, etc. 3:08 There are a lot of […]

January Meetups

There is a meetup three Thursdays in a row throughout the U.S. in January! January 8 – Los Angeles, CA – RSVP and info January 15 – Washington DC – RSVP and info January 22 – Boston, MA – RSVP and info If you’re interested in hosting one in your city, get in touch!

The Most Hearted Pens of 2014!

It’s that time again to see the most hearted Pens of the past year! Actually, last year we used own popularity algorithm (that we use for the Popular section) to do it, but it turns out that’s not as good for the full-year thing. Part of that algorithm is views (which is tough to factor […]

031: Different

This week on CodePen Radio: a special holiday edition where we get a little sentimental and also talk about the past two years at CodePen and the things that make CodePen awesome and different. (Pardon the self-back-patting, again, we’ll try not to make it a habit.) What sets us apart from the competition? 3:28 We […]

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