See The Posts and Collections You’ve Hearted

You’ve been able to heart Posts and Collections for a little while now, but it was just kind of a gesture as not much was being done with that heart. Our bad – but that’s been our development style – don’t hold up releasing a feature just because you could make it better later. Now […]

Awwwards Conference

The Awwwards conference is coming up this February 24-25 in Barcelona, Spain. If you’re a code artist, you can win 2 tickets to the conference (hotel included). You create a Pen and then email them ( a link to it. They use the designs in the background of the site for the conference. There is […]

Flexy Flexy Editors!

The code editors are manually resizeable now! Plus you can collapse them all the way down, maximizing space for the others! Pretty cool eh? It took us a while to get here because this kind of thing is actually pretty tough! I blogged about all the design decisions behind it over on my personal CodePen […]

Adjusting CodeMirror Settings In The Editor

The editors here on CodePen use the open source library CodeMirror. CodeMirror has a bunch of settings that control its behavior. You know how when you type an open curly bracket in the CSS editor, it automatically inserts a matching closing bracket? That’s an add-on and setting we have installed and turned on. We like […]

Hire Me for Teams! Notifications for Teams!

We just released a couple of new features for Teams. Actually, a couple of features that already exist for personal accounts that we’ve now ported over to Team accounts. They just needed a little extra lovin’ – you know how it is. Hire Me for Teams Is your Team accepting work requests / proposals? Open […]


CSS PREprocessors, a site by Alexander Futekov: CSS PRE is a project that aims to collect as much information about the popular CSS Preprocessors as possible, in order to serve as a one-stop reference. Useful little reference for how to do things in preprocessors. If you switch between the different ones (an easy thing to […]

023: Churn

This week on CodePen Radio, something that affects all web apps that use the subscriber model: Churn. 1:08 CodePen’s primary income comes from people signing up for Pro accounts. The idea is that we grow as a business as more people sign up. As we create new and valuable features, more people will sign up! […]

Comment Spam Checking via Akismet

In the last few months we’ve had a couple of comment spammers come through so we decided to do the work needed to fight it. Email verification should catch a bunch of them, but we’re doing even more now. We’re now running all comments (for Pens and Posts) through Akismet, the spam-checking service from Automattic. […]


Dariel Noel has created a neat little JavaScript library for interface animations. It’s not the animations themselves that are interesting, it’s the syntax of how you apply them. Rather than write actual JavaScript, you do it right in the HTML by describing what you want to happen in a data-* attribute on the element, like: […]

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