017: Community

The word “Community” gets thrown around a lot, but what does it really mean? This week, we dig into what the CodePen community is, the value it creates for us and the people who use CodePen, how we shape the community, and more. 1:08 Community is an essential part of CodePen. 1:52 How do we […]

Congrats Nate Wiley!

Always nice to hear when someone gets a job from their work on CodePen! This time it was Nate Wiley who does incredible work! Nate wrote to us to say: A few months ago I was approached via my CodePen profile with a job offer to code full-time, and I took it! I wasn’t actively […]

Using CodePen in Presentations

It’s always awesome to see CodePen pop up in videos of presentations around the world! Brad Westfall at HTML5DevConf 2014 And screencasts as well: Martin Wolf screencasting You’re of course free to use CodePen in any capacity like this, and in any view you please, but we might suggest Presentation Mode for giving you a […]

Homepage Refresh

There has been lots of new stuff since we last revamped the CodePen homepage. Blog posts and Collections weren’t even a thing! The new homepage features Pens front and center like it always has: We like how the grid is always 6 Pens now, rather than alternating between 5, 6, 8, and 9 like it […]

Sorting Your Pens

We’ve released a little feature to making finding your own Pens a little bit easier: sorting! Specifically, sorting by the title of the Pen and the date it was last updated, in ascending or descending order. By default, the list view on your profile sorts by last updated: Now you can click those table headers […]

016: Blogging

This week on CodePen Radio, we’re discuss our brand new blogging feature. 2:00 Why did we create the blogging feature? It was primarily because we watched how people used CodePen. What people were doing was taking their entire Pen and describing it, with text, inside the Pen. 6:32 Embedded Pens make blog posts better, so […]

You Can Write Blog Posts on CodePen Now

[Trumpet_call.mp3] New thing! Blogging! We made a landing page for it. All users, free and PRO alike, now have a blog as part of your CodePen account. You’re free to use it (or not use it) as you please. No setup. Nothing complicated. Just writing. Writing a New Post You’ll find the link for writing […]

015: Changing Your Mind

This week we are talking about changing your mind. As your web app evolves, sometimes new information comes to light, and you need to be able to change your mind. 0:54 For example: here at CodePen, we started out with two kinds of accounts: free and PRO. At some point, we had a discussion with […]

014: Security

This week we talk Security, a crucial part of any web app. We talk about security in general, what we do to secure and protect CodePen users, and what you can do to protect your web app. 2:00 You should be hashing and salting usernames and passwords. 2:43 After salting, even if a hacker brute […]

Little UI Tweaks

Just a couple of tiny UI changes here to report while we’re heads down into some bigger stuff. Submenus You can now jump to specific subsections of your Profile as well as Settings right from the main User Dropdown. Consolidated View Switcher We used to display URL’s for all the different views (i.e. Details, Collab, […]

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