You probably know about our Full Page View. All Pens have URL where you can view the result in (almost) the entire browser window (example).

We now have another version of the Full Page View called Debug View. Just put in /debug/ in the URL instead of /full/. It shows the result outside of an iframe and without the "bar." It bears some explanation.

I say "almost" the entire browser window in Full Page View because we take up about 30px on the bottom of that view for CodePen "bar." The reason for this bar is that we need a "Report Abuse" link on that view so that people have a way to report nefarious creations if need be. We now also use it for a few other things like a way to jump over to the editor, a CodePen logo, and our BrowserStack feature.

Screen Shot 2013-06-03 at 4.29.19 PM

The other quirk about the Full Page View is that the demo is shown inside of an iframe. This allows us to do some sandboxing for safety and some other nifty feature for security and quality. But that means that when you open your web developer console, the context is the parent page with the iframe on it, not the Pen itself. That's kind of a bummer for debugging if that's where you like to do it. You can always switch the context:


But that's a bit of a pain to have to do all the time, especially since that setting doesn't stick and we can't default it. Note that the /fullpage/ URL shown in the screenshot is similar to Debug view, but not exposed publicly at all.

Debug View serves up the demo without the iframe or the bar for your debugging usage. An example URL would be like:

This view is only for the logged in user who owns the Pen. You'll notice that if you visit that exact URL, you'll be re-directed to the /full/ Full Page View version. The Debug View can't be shared (it will just redirect). We need to keep the Full Page View the way it is for security and such, but we hope that you'll find this useful when you really need that "raw" page to test on.

We haven't exposed this URL in the UI anywhere just yet. You just kinda gotta be hip and know about it.