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I feel like I should research the history and meaning of using the term “Alpha” for software projects. Is there an official standardized meaning? I bet there has been attempts at it but largely it just means “Warning! We might change stuff and break things and we don’t want to appologize about it!”.

We’re going to be specific about it here at CodePen. We’re in Alpha. That means:

  • Our feature set is incomplete. We have lots planned and lots under development. What you see at the time of this writing is only a small fraction of that.
  • Features will change. Today we have hearting. Tomorrow we might not. Or hearting will be called loving. Or starring. Or bookmarking.
  • Interactions will change. A particular struggle has been keyboard shortcuts. That will be a blog post here one day. But they are hard to get right, especially on the web and especially in apps where you are likely doing a lot of “writing.” We actually want you to learn them, so at some point we need to lock down something that works and stick with it, but the day of that lock down is not today.
  • We very much hope that the URL’s of the things that you build here will work forever from this day forward. But we can’t promise that yet. We need a bit more usage and time to finalize some things. Once we go Beta, we will make that promise.