UPDATE: The CodePen Bookmarklet is deprecated. We no longer maintain it and can’t support it.

Bookmarklets, in general, are going away thanks to CSP (Content Security Policy) on the web (a good thing). That, plus the difficult technical debt of needing to update the bookmarklet against third-party changes, made it too impractical to maintain. We’ll leave this post up for posterity.

We’d recommend checking out the Prefill API, in the case you wanted to build something to replicate any of its functionality.

Find some HTML, CSS, and/or JavaScript somewhere out on the web? Want to play with it and see if it works or alter it for your own use? The CodePen Bookmarklet can help with that. Here’s a quick 3 minute video demonstrating how to use it.

This is our first release of it. We’ve tested it on a bunch of sites and it works pretty good, but if you find some that it doesn’t work on, let us know in the comments below. Thanks for playing!