This week, we talk about "bad guys": the people that make life difficult for the CodePen community, and what we do to mitigate or prevent the damage.

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  • Great episode guys, nice to see you all got my “fly-on-the-wall” praise via Twitter.

    I want to address Chris is saying how there isn’t that much “value” in a pen. I tend to disagree because Google is clearly crawling your content, IFrame be damned.

    A good measure is seeing this query ( site:*/full/* ) in Google and looking at the results on the page itself.

    Google is clearly reading the page and grabbing the content value from it and a good link builder *would* take advantage of this trust that you have with Google for general stuff. From an SEO perspective, a power CodePen user like Brad Frost is getting major SEO Juice form CodePen which would be desired from these arbitrary link builders.

    It’s not so much of a security flaw, it’s basically proving that CodePen could, in theory, be used as a traffic source or even a marketing funnel for a campaign. Perhaps it’s another vertical for you all to explore 🙂