We’ve rolled out some pretty sweet upgrades to Professor Mode. Our very own Alex Vazquez was all like “I have this amazing idea on how to maintain and transfer the state of the Editor.” And we’re like “whatever makes your heart sing, Alex.” And so he launched into another rewrite of our system for this and now it’s out — and it’s awesome. In a nutshell:

  • It’s faster and smoother
  • It’s syncs more stuff between Professor and Student
  • It’s even more reliable (and testable, on our end)
  • Of course, it does everything it did before (you code, they watch and chat, or break off and play)

Let’s explore.

The Cursor Position and Highlighted Code Sync

It’s nice for a student to be able to watch exactly where you are and what you are doing. This is an upgrade from before, where new code would just appear. Students can also see the code you have selected, which is nice since that’s such a common thing while coding. Watching someone code now just feels more real.

The Expanders Sync

As a Professor, you can now expand an editor to give yourself more room and focus Students attention on that code.

All Settings Sync (Even Visually)

Everything you do in settings can be seen visually by Students. Even changing preprocessor choices, adding new external resources, and right down to the text you type in settings.

View Source Sync

Part of teaching in CodePen might be demonstrating what code turns into, in addition to what you actually type. Now you can switch over to the View Source mode and students will see that too.

All Layouts Available (and Sync)

Professor Mode used to be a top-layout only thing, but with this upgrade, we now support the left and right layouts as well. Better, the layout matches the Professors choice, so the Students are seeing the same layout as the Professor is using.

Remember Professor Mode is only available on our PRO plans.