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UPDATE JUNE 2016: We had to remove sorting by title, unfortunately, as it was causing some pretty serious database slowage. We still allow sorting by Date Updated though, and have also since added a column for Date Created.

We’ve released a little feature to making finding your own Pens a little bit easier: sorting! Specifically, sorting by the title of the Pen and the date it was last updated, in ascending or descending order.

By default, the list view on your profile sorts by last updated:

Now you can click those table headers and sort the Pens different ways. For instance, in alphabetical order by title:

This makes it a lot easier to cruise through your Pens, paginated style, looking for stuff. Note that all pens without a title (listed via their “slug” name, e.g. xJkdl) are always listed last when you sort by title, either direction. As you browse through Pens sorted by last updated date, it also makes it easy to find Pens that don’t have a title. A good reminder to title Pens, making it easier for both you and others to find them.

Remember you can always search just your own Pens as well: