This week on CodePen Radio, something that affects all web apps that use the subscriber model: Churn.

What is churn?

Reducing churn with yearly subscriptions

A common cause of churn: outdated billing information

Other ways to reduce churn

What happens when a user decides to cancel?

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  • I think I speak for the majority of free users by saying “we are willing to pay”, but a leap from $0 o $9 a month can be a lil stretch for some (most cant pay a $5 host)
    maybe if there existed a “basic member” package not to replace the current PRO pack but to serve as a bridge between paying and nonpaying members that could lead to upgrades.
    Could be a plan with few features for $30 a year (you can only pay yearly)

    of course just a suggestion, no worries 🙂

  • Nick

    Here, here on the Paypal API sucking

  • Hmm. well if you want to decrease churn, churn out some Survey Monkey polls to see why users stay, if they are satisfied with price, service, bang for their buck, where you could improve, etc.

    I like the idea of educational material, which could lead to “mak[ing] your app so good that people don’t want to leave.” Maybe also a special monthly/yearly “thank you for staying with us.”