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It’s that time again to see the most hearted Pens of the past year!

Actually, last year we used own popularity algorithm (that we use for the Popular section) to do it, but it turns out that’s not as good for the full-year thing. Part of that algorithm is views (which is tough to factor in, as their scale varies so widely), time (which we needed to intentionally ignore), comments (which have become less and less indicative of popularity), and forks (which there are weird reasons for there to be a lot of).

So, as so many things turn out, simple is better! Hearts only! We made it a little more more fun by incorporating the triple-heart system. The winners weren’t calculated by the number that you see (which is just # of people who have hearted), but the total number of hearts applied (i.e. if someone triple-hearted a Pen, that counted 3 toward the total, which you can’t see). So we updated last year’s to use the hearts-only method as well.