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We offer Teams as a type of account here at CodePen. It’s for companies and organizations that want to use CodePen together. The members can still use CodePen as themselves, but they can switch over at anytime to be using CodePen as the Team they are a part of, meaning they can create or edit any Team-owned Pen, Collection, Post, or Asset. Plus it’s shared billing, so it makes that easier.

Team nclud

Gotta love these nclud! Not only did they host the super successful first Washington DC CodePen Meetup, but they built the system we use for RSVPs to those meetups. Check out this crazy scrolling demo they made:

See the Pen Ionic Security Particle System Animation by nclud team (@nclud) on CodePen.

Team CustomMade

CustomMade is an incredible site connecting people who make things and people who want something made. Pretty cool to see them experimenting with SVG and custom form UX:

See the Pen SVG Icon Menu by CustomMade (@custommade) on CodePen.

Team RetailMeNot

RetailMeNot is an amazing site in that they provide coupons for major stores in a super easy to find and browse way. It’s fun to see them use CodePen for internal (but not really secret) team stuff.

See the Pen LEzaVJ by RetailMeNot (@rmn) on CodePen.

Team Webflow

Perhaps you’ve seen some of the “Sponsored Pens” we experimented with? We built that for Webflow who wanted to share some of the cool stuff you can do with their software here on CodePen, as part of their sponsorship. For example, how Symbols work in Webflow:

See the Pen Webflow Symbols by Webflow (@webflow) on CodePen.

Team Lincoln Loop

Lincoln Loop is home to Joni Trythall who through the very first Philidelphia CodePen Meetup right at the Lincoln Loop offices! They’ve been blogging a bunch, including my favorite thing ever #FlexboxFriday!

See the Pen Responsive Ordering – Flexbox Fridays 4 by Lincoln Loop (@lincolnloop) on CodePen.

Team CodePen

We eat our own dog food, of course! Right now, mostly we use it for designing the monthly Newsletters.

See the Pen February 2015 Newsletter by CodePen (@codepen) on CodePen.

I have a Team for CSS-Tricks as well, where the whole Team over there can create and edit demos to make sure everything is up-to-date.

Team Gently

Exciting to see a Team use CodePen pre-launch! Mystery!

See the Pen Gently is coming soon. by Gently (@gently) on CodePen.

Team Thinkful

Thinkful is an online learning website offering 1-on-1 mentorship and loads of courses. Some of their coding challenges are here on CodePen. Seems like a fun way to learn!

See the Pen DrFwn by Thinkful (@thinkful) on CodePen.

Team Wufoo

All Wufoo‘s animated ads (which we are using here on CodePen as part of their recent sponsorship) are housed on CodePen.

See the Pen vELLMj by Wufoo (@wufoo) on CodePen.

Team Campaign Monitor

You know Campaign Monitor. They design responsive emails that just work. They also design cool responsive Pens that just work:

See the Pen Campaign Monitor Ad by Campaign Monitor (@campaignmonitor) on CodePen.

Probably the Team over there unwinding a little bit &emdash; you can’t work on emails all the time!

Team WebTrends

Classy loader from these folks that got a good amount of love!

See the Pen qEYPyW by Webtrends User Experience (@webtrends) on CodePen.


Team Microsoft, Team Point Slope, Team Westfield Labs, Team OddlyStudios, Team UBC Okanagan Web Services, Team Innovations for Learningand, Team Fresh Consulting.

And that’s not all of course. We’ll have to make a cooler way to browse Teams in the future.