Show Notes

This podcast was recorded a number of months ago as we kicked off a big new project: a redesign of CodePen itself in partnership with Sparkbox. We’re documenting the process along the way.

If you listen to this podcast, perhaps you know the team on the CodePen side: Chris Coyier, Tim Sabat, and Alex Vazquez. On the Sparkbox side, we worked with Jeremy Loyd (designer), Katie Kovalcin (designer), and Melissa Taylor (project manager).

We talk to all of them in this podcast about how this redesign project came to be. This episode is an “origin story” and will be part 1 of a 4-part series talking with Sparkbox about the process.

We talk about things like discovery versus research in a redesign project. Interviewing stakeholders and user research while dealing with real life stuff during a project. What do you do with all the data you gather from users of your product? How do personas help inform what changes you could make to your site?

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