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The trifecta of privacy is now complete on CodePen: Pens, Collections, and now Posts. The new privacy toggle for Posts looks and works exactly the same as it does for Pens and Collections, only you do it right from the Posts Editor.

Only you see your Private Posts on your profile

Like all your content, you can browse to see everything from your profile. Only you, logged in as you, can see the Private stuff:

Anybody can see your Public Posts, of course, they're public!

Private Posts don't look any different, just the URL is obscure

Private Posts have URL's like:


Nobody can guess that URL. It's like finding the correct single grain of sand on a beach.

Unpublished Posts can't be viewed by anyone except you

Unpublished Posts (drafts) are extra-private in that they can't be shared at all. Only you can see them when you're logged in as yourself.

What are they for?

Whatever you want.

Not everything you write is always meant for totally public consumption, perhaps it's just a quick snippet you want to share with someone. We support syntax highlighting for more languages than we do in the Editor itself:

html, haml, markdown, slim, jade, css, scss, sass, less, stylus, javascript, coffeescript, livescript, traceur, ruby, shell, php, sql

Or maybe you want to send the Post to someone else to look at before you make it public.

Or you want to share a Post publicly, but not have it part of your profile or RSS feed of posts.

Maybe you can use it kinda like a private Gist, only the comment thread will actually send you email notifications. OOoooooOOo sick burn.

High five to Jake who took the lead on this feature.