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We've heard this a lot:

I accidentally saved a Pen while I was logged out and it saved as anon, can I transfer ownership of it over to my account?

You can, but you have to fork it. But forks are treated slightly differently on CodePen and that might not be what you want. The only way to make a brand new normal Pen that you own is to log in and then manually copy everything over into a new Pen.

We're convinced that having an account on CodePen is a much better experience, especially when you're saving work. So, now, when you are about to save a Pen as anonymous, we'll show you this:

If you have an account already, you log in and the Pen will be saved to your account, saving you from accidentally creating an anon Pen.

If you don't have an account yet, you can quickly make one.

If you actually want to save the Pen anonymously, you can do that from the link at the bottom of the modal. And if you do click that, we'll save a cookie so we can do our best to not bug you about that again for a while.