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We just made a few changes to how the Details View and Comments Popup (inside the Editor) look on Pens.

Details View

We’ve moved your Pen’s stats up in line with your avatar and follow button.

This means we had more room to show you all your Pen’s lovers by default! If you’re really clever, you’ll notice that the design is now responsive as well, meaning we’re no longer shipping a mobile-specific view for this page. Which also means more functionality, like you can open the Pen Settings dialog and update the description and tags if you hadn’t already done that.

We’ve also added a copy of your Pen’s license to the Details View to make it a little easier to view and use:

We carried over the new look of the view, comment, and hearts stats to the Comment Popup, too.

the Comments popup

All the screenshots in this post are from Jack Rugile’s Pen Circle Line Visualizer 👍