Doing picks was really fun this week! I noticed a mini-theme of cute cats and dogs, which I wholeheartedly endorse. Here are my picks of the litter 🐶

The dogfather of CodePen, David Khourshid, is back to crafting amazing CSS pups with "Meshi the CSS Dog"

See the Pen Meshi the CSS Dog by David Khourshid (@davidkpiano) on CodePen.

Ivan Odintsov's "Cat animation" reminds me of my own black cat 😻

See the Pen Cat animation by Ivan Odintsov (@ivanodintsov) on CodePen.

10/10 would pet all the puppers in Jarrod Thibodeau's "Doggo Circles"

See the Pen Doggo Circles by Jarrod Thibodeau (@jarrodthibodeau) on CodePen.

You can adopt Andrew Bales' .png into your own Pen from "Adopt Sweater Kitten"

See the Pen Adopt Sweater Kitten by Andrew Bales (@agbales) on CodePen.

Ahmed Shaarawy's "Animal Having Fun" could be a dog, or it could be a cat. Or maybe it's a bear? I'll leave it to you to decide. Regardless, I would like to hug it.

See the Pen Animal Having Fun by Ahmed Shaarawy (@ahmediz) on CodePen.

I've herded these cats and many more Pens with a canine/feline theme in my collection Cats & Dogs, including classics like "Alex the Husky" by David Khourshid, and Natalya's "Kitty Toggle".