The road to HTTPS is a long one (update 1 / update 2), but we’re almost there! Last week, we updated over 10 million links in Pens to HTTPS sources, updating over 85 thousand unique URLs.

These ranged from things like Google fonts, internal CodePen references, Masonry… you name it, we changed it. We even reached out to a few library creators/hosts and got them to jump aboard the secure HTTPS train with us and update as well (with hopefully more coming!).

The Numbers

  • We have over 13,456,322 Total Pens.
  • Of these, 3,870,777 had URLs that could be updated to HTTPS.
  • We fixed a total of 10,188,804 URLs in those Pens!

We also have external resources… any Pen can have any number of these. There were:

  • 13,663,921 total resources, with 2,129,437 linked over HTTP.
  • Of these, we were successfully able to change 1,787,411

That’s cause for celebration!

Here’s a throwback to when Rachel and I taught everyone how to dance the Nut Bush. My celebratory dance of choice.

The home page and Pens are now served from HTTPS only. The rest of the site will follow this week.

The HTTPS Check Tool

We’ve also made a tool to check your current Pens for insecure links, which you can use here. Again, big shoutout to Alex Zaworski on this one — we have a lot of shared code. The main difference in using ours is that it doesn’t scrape our servers, so it’s a little faster.

If you want to find out more about this whole process, you can listen to our latest podcast, where Alex, Marie, and I go over the work we’ve been doing.

As always, if you have any problems or questions, please reach out!