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When we built member profile pages on CodePen, we designed them to help you show off your best work, like a portfolio. Your showcase lets you pick out your favorite Pens to highlight, and things like forks and templates are tucked away so visitors to your profile page can focus on your best work.

That’s great for profile pages, but we’ve learned from feedback that the profile isn’t the easiest place to find your own work.

Based on that feedback, we’re proud to introduce your new Dashboard!

The Dashboard

The new Dashboard helps you find all of your work, all in one place. No more clicking around into different sections of your profile to find things. It’s all in your Dashboard now!

Huge high five to Rachel, who led this release. Watch her introduce you to it!

We’ll leave it to you to explore. We hope it’s mostly pretty self-explanatory in how you can browse, search, filter, and order all of your own work.

Try Saved Views and Searches

One of the most powerful features of the Dashboard is the option to save a specific view or search result for quick access in the future.

If you find yourself sorting your view a certain way, or searching for the same thing over and over, click that Save View or Save Search button to give yourself a one-click sidebar tab to get back there super quickly.

Want to see all of your Pens, ordered by when you created them? Save that view!

Want to quickly get back to your Private Pens, ordered by last updated date? You can save that view too!

Want to see all of your Pens with “animation” in the title? Save that search!

You get the idea 😉

Talk to Us

We designed Dashboard with your feedback in mind, and we hope it saves you time and makes it easier to work on CodePen. If you have suggestions for the future of the Dashboard, let us know!