CodePen is a huge worldwide community of web designers and developers. There are meetups all over the globe. There are going on 2 million registered users of CodePen who have made north of 20 million Pens.

We hear about CodePen being used as part of people getting jobs all the time. Some front-end folks use CodePen as their portfolio and end up being hired based solely on their work here. Some freelancers find work by being found on CodePen.

We want to be as helpful as we can connecting people who need talent and people who have it.

Our job board is one of those ways. It's as simple as can be. You post a job, we do the best we can to promote it, and hopefully, find you good candidates.

It's worked for many companies, some even telling us it was the only job board that did work for them.

By posting to the CodePen Job Board, it reaches not only the CodePen audience, but the job automatically goes to the CSS-Tricks Job Board and the ShopTalk Show Job Board, which have their own audiences of front-end designers and developers.

Not only do we promote your job through the board itself and sprinkled throughout the site, we use social media, our podcasts, and even promote the jobs through The CodePen Spark, which goes out to well over half a million subscribers.

Normally we charge $299 to post to the job board, but we're going to run a bit of a promotion here and allow you to try it for free. As we said, we're keen to be as helpful as we can be connecting devs and employers and hopefully this is win-win.

All you gotta do is ask, and we'll respond with information on how you can use to use the Job Board for free:

Fill out my online form.