The CodePen community filled our inboxes with great work this week during the You’ve Got Mail challenge. Here are just a few of our favorite Pens from this week’s challenge!

Two takes on the classic AOL UI:

“You’ve Got Mail!” by Harry M Jones. Check out the retro-style pixelation on the screen!

See the Pen You’ve Got Mail! #CodePenChallenge by Harry M Jones (@harrymjones) on CodePen.

and “You’ve Got Mail” by beeblebrox, with a nostalgic desktop background.

See the Pen You’ve Got Mail by beeblebrox (@bbx) on CodePen.

The Windows 95-inspired “You’ve got m@il” by David James.

See the Pen You’ve got m@il by David James (@davidj288) on CodePen.

An adorable mailbox bursting with messages in “You’ve Got Mail” by Claudia Alphonse.

See the Pen You’ve Got Mail #CodePenChallenge 📬 by Claudia Alphonse (@claudz1) on CodePen.

Click send to trigger the slick “Send button animation” by Pieter Biesemans.

See the Pen Send button animation – Codepen challenge by Pieter Biesemans (@pieter-biesemans) on CodePen.

We’ve gathered up all of these Pens and more in our collection #CodePenChallenge – You’ve Got Mail.

The March 2018 challenge is coming to a close, but another challenge is on the horizon! Our next challenge prompt series kicks off on April 2nd.