Easy to learn but tricky to master, Pong was one of the very first video games you could play at home. This minimal classic brought the game of ping pong to the arcades and tv!

Your challenge: keep it simple and build a Pen inspired by Pong!

Wanna see what everyone else is building? That's what the weekly tag is for. Here's how to tag, in case you need a reminder. This week's tag is cpc-pong.


  • Pong's simplicity makes it ripe for a mashups with other games. Ever seen kingPenguin's Pacapong? ⬅ You really need to see that.
  • Could you build a game like Pong that two people can play on the same keyboard? Or across a network? Check out WebSockets or realtime services that help with that kind of thing.
  • Take a new game back to the 70s and style it like Pong.


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