After you connect your Twitter, Facebook, or GitHub accounts to your CodePen account, you can use them to log into CodePen.

### How to Connect Your Accounts

You can link and unlink your Social accounts at anytime.

Under your Settings > Account (while logged in) you'll see a section for your social accounts:

If you're currently linked, the button will offer to unlink it for you. If you're not currently linked, you can use it to link.

Connecting with Twitter and GitHub will take you to their respective .coms for authentication. Facebook connection will open a pop up requesting your permission to continue with your Facebook account.

You can be linked to any or all of these services at once, but only one account from each platform at any time.

Logging In with Twitter, Facebook or GitHub

Our Log In screen offers buttons to log in with each of these social accounts. Once your CodePen account is linked to either of these accounts, you can use them to log in. If they aren't linked, we'll let you know when you try to use it.

Can I sign up for CodePen with my Twitter, Facebook or GitHub account?

CodePen only offers sign up using an email address and password, which has the advantage of always being able to log into CodePen with that. Once you have your CodePen account, you can connect your social accounts and use them to log in.

Other Features of GitHub Auth

Connecting your GitHub account will provide an extra feature.

When you export a Pen as a GitHub Gist the Gist will be under your GitHub account, rather than anonymous. This makes it all the easier to find again, and even better, if you export the same Pen as a Gist again, it will update that Gist rather than make a new one. That gives you the ability to see difs (what has changed) through the Gist interface.