What is a Hire Me Button?

If you are a CodePen member, in your profile settings page you can set yourself as Hireable (or not). If you are hireable, your profile will show a Hire Me button on it. Other people can click it to send you a work inquiry email. Perhaps freelance work. Perhaps a job offer. Perhaps a contracting gig.

Here's an example of what the Hire Me button looks like on a profile page:

And when someone clicks that button, they can write and send you a message:

This turns your profile on CodePen into a resume and portfolio! With the ability to make Pens private as a PRO user, your profile can be a curated collection of your best public work.

Who is able to contact me?

Only logged in users of CodePen are able to contact you. This is largely to prevent spam and prevent non-serious work inquiries. The way we see it is if someone wants to hire you for work, they can be troubled to sign up for a free account on CodePen. This also gives you an opportunity to see a bit about them through their CodePen profile - which may give you insight into who they are or what kind of company they are.

Will I get spam?

We do our best to ensure that any email you receive through our Hire Me feature is a legit work inquiry. As mentioned above, only logged in users can send you emails in this way, which prevents the vast majority of abuse. Any account caught abusing this feature will be disabled. The form is also only able to be opened through clicking on the Hire Me button, which is another layer of protection against bots (who are unable to "click" traditionally). We also check messages for spammy keywords as well as Akismet spam checking service.

What are my responsibilities?

None, really. Don't feel obliged to respond to every single work inquiry you get. This is your inbox (literally) and you can manage it however you like.