The CodePen Dashboard is a place for you to quickly access your own content.

By using Saved Views and Saved Searches, you can save your most commonly-used content filters for easy access.

How to create a Saved View or Search

After filtering and organizing your content in the way you would like to save it, press the ‘Save View’ button next to your content controls.

To save a Search, swap to the Search panel, enter a search term to run the search, and press ‘Save Search’.

You’ll be asked to name the Saved View or Search. A descriptive name is helpful for the future, but you can also rename it at any time.

Loading a Saved View or Search

Once you’ve created a Saved View or Search, it is available from the “Saved Views” dropdown menu at the top right of the Dashboard page.

To load the Saved View or Search, click the View or Search and the Content will update to match the saved settings.