Your Dashboard has all of the content you create on CodePen in one place. You can browse and search your Pens, Projects, Posts, and Collections with the Dashboard’s search and filtering options.

Dashboard View Filters

Your Dashboard will show you all of your content by default, but you can filter the view to narrow down the results. You can use the view filter to show or hide forks, or focus in on your template Pens. PRO members can also set the view to show or exclude private content.

The tag filter helps you view content you’ve tagged. You can start typing in your tag and let autocomplete take it from there.

You can sort your view or search results with the “Sort By” options: “Date Created”, “Date Updated” and “Popularity”.

Dashboard Search

Your Dashboard is scoped to your content only. When you search here, you’ll find your own work. (If you want to search CodePen in general, use the sitewide search on our homepage)

The default search depth is “everything”, which will return matches for your search term from your content title, description, tags, and code. But, you can change the search depth to narrow the scope.

You can also opt to include forks in your search by clicking the “Include Forks” checkbox.

Saved Views

One of the most powerful features of the Dashboard is the option to save a specific view or search result for quick access in the future.

If you find yourself sorting your view a certain way, or searching for the same thing over and over, click the Save View or Save Search button to give yourself a one-click sidebar tab to get back there super quickly.