Hello Meetup Host!

The awesome web hosting company Media Temple will be co-sponsoring your meetup. They'll be providing the financial support you may need for things like food, beverages, or venue costs. As we communicate about the meetup over email, we'll need to get your PayPal email address to transfer the money.

You'll need to do these things to qualify for sponsorship

1) Placement on the RSVP Page

We'll send you a link and referral code to use on nvite for the RSVP pages for meetups. You'll control this page as the host. The page gives you a place to see who's coming to your event, explain the event to people, and communicate with the attendees. nvite has a built-in way to show off sponsors. Please add Media Temple as a sponsor there. It will end up in the sponsor area looking like this (only with the Media Temple logo there, obviously).

Also, add text to the event description, something to the effect of:

Food and beverages sponsored by Media Temple. Media Temple is also offering all attendees 20% off any web hosting for an entire year, using coupon code CODEPENMEETUP.

The text "Media Temple" should be linked with this URL:


2) Make sure everyone RSVPs

The RSVP count factors in to how much we can send as sponsorship for a first-time event, and helps speed up sponsorship funding for your future events. As you spread the word about the event, ask attendees to RSVP so you know they're coming.

3) Send attendees an email 5 days before event

Through nvite, you can send an email to all RSVP'd attendees. It's a good idea to send an email to everyone reminding of the event with plenty of notice. In this email you can remind them about the event (the who, what, where, etc). It's also another place to thank Media Temple and offer attendees a deal:

Media Temple is sponsoring our meetup! Media Temple is a web hosting company that offers hosting perfect for freelancers all the way up to high availability enterprise WordPress hosting. Whatever you need, save 20% off your hosting costs for a year by using code CODEPENMEETUP.

4) At the event

Let the attendees know that Media Temple sponsored the meetup. You can do that with an announcement, or you can add it to signs or slides.

5) Send attendees an email 2 days after event

Again, just a good idea anyway. You can link up fun photos people took or recap the event, anything you want! It really helps solidify communities when you follow up after an event. As a last thing, mention the discount again:

A reminder: our meetup sponsor Media Temple is offering you all 20% off your hosting costs for a whole year. Take them up on that here with coupon code CODEPENMEETUP.