Chris, Tim, and Alex talk about two big ideas: the idea behind this new podcast, and the idea behind CodePen itself.


  • Great first episode. I’m looking forward to more! I love hearing about the inner workings of it all. Seeing behind the curtain 😉

  • GregorMartynus

    Love it. Keep it coming!

  • Awesome, now we can digest CodePen in podcast form!

  • Awwwh man, i never got to use Macintosh messenger.

  • Fantastic first podcast episode. I’ve been discussing this with a couple friends and we have all wondered how CodePen came together from a logistical standpoint (and how the three of you started working together on it). Thanks for sharing the story. Now… on to the next episode…

  • Raye

    Codepen is the most interactive online web platform that I ever seen. Great Work!! And the Podcast is professional.

  • Dwayne R. Crooks

    Loving it. Thanks for doing this guys.