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162: Collab Mode Update

Alex is on the show to talk about the recent update to a PRO feature of CodePen: Collab Mode. Marie talks with him about the history behind collab mode, what’s changed, and what he learned while updating this feature of CodePen. Time Jumps 0:40 What is collab mode? 1:50 What’s the history of CodePen’s collab […]

Need to Make a Tournament Bracket?

March Madness is coming up! Here’s a bunch of tournament brackets from the CodePen community to inspire you. “Tournament Bracket with Flexbox” by Aron Duby See the Pen Tournament Bracket with Flexbox by Aron Duby (@aronduby) on CodePen. “March Madness Bracket” by Jonathan Ostrander See the Pen March Madness Bracket by Jonathan Ostrander (@OstrichProjects) on […]

#161: Community Safety

Marie and Chris are here to talk about how CodePen works on community safety. From dealing with spam and enforcing the code of conduct, to planning new features with community impact in mind.

Logs and Errors in CodePen Projects

You’ll see a new little button in the Project Editor (on the bar between the code editors and the preview) called Logs. The whole purpose of it is to give you some insight into the processing that your project is doing when you save files. Save a .scss file? You’ll see START SASS, any errors […]

Loud Clapping! Chrome Blocking Basic Auth Popups!

Apache web servers have an “easy” way to password protect files and directories. It involves using an .htaccess file and an .htpasswd file. After that’s set up, if a browser tries to access a file protected in that way, it’ll pop up a login/password modal: That’s true even if the page requesting it is inside […]

#160: Serverless

What is “serverless”? And what does it mean to go serverless on CodePen? Chris and Marie are here to go over the basics of serverless apps and give you some ideas of what you can do with them.

#159: Bugs

How do we manage, fix, and *ahem* create bugs at CodePen? CodePen engineer Rachel Smith is on the show to help explain how CodePen swats bugs.

Weird White Lines in Chrome? Try This

We’ve been hearing about white diagonal lines showing up on CodePen for folks using Chrome on Windows. Here’s an example of what they see: We did a little digging and found out that it’s related to a conflict between some video cards and Chrome on Windows. Not everybody who uses Chrome on Windows will see […]

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