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CodePen Calling Cards

As in, just a little DIY something you can add to each one of your Pens to brand it and let people know it’s one of yours. I’d bet you already know you could add external resources. Like linking up a JavaScript library, CSS file, or uploading your own asset. You can even link to […]

Babel 7 Upgrade

We just did a whole bunch of work to our JavaScript processing stuff here on CodePen, including updating to Babel 7. Here’s what that means in the CodePen editor.

#214: Babel 7

CodePen recently upgraded to Babel 7 for both our development team and our members. Cassidy and Marie talk about what that means for you in your CodePen editor.

#213: Splitting.js

Team CodePen’s very own Stephen Shaw is also the creator of Splitting.js! Marie talks with Stephen about what Splitting.js is, what it’s for, how he got the word out about his project, and his advice for anyone thinking of putting together an open-source library.

#212: Challenge-iversary

It’s the one year anniversary of the first #CodePenChallenge! Marie, Chris, and Cassidy look back on a year of the CodePen Challenge, and chat about plans for future challenge themes and prompts.

#211: Time Zones

Marie and Cassidy are chatting about time — what is time? How does CodePen, the app, handle time? How does Team CodePen deal with members spread across the globe? You’ll find out… all in good time.

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