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The Most Hearted of 2016!

What a year! 2016 was the biggest year for CodePen yet. It’s such a joy to show off the top Pens, Collections, and Posts from 2016. It’s been the greatest pleasure to watch people create such a wide variety of Pens from all over. From Tiffany Rayside’s creativity to Szenia Zadvornykh’s amazing WebGl creations to Gabi’s glorious guide to […]

A CodePen-Hosted Asset CORS Gotcha

For as long as I’ve worked at CodePen, there’s been on on-going issue that has really bugged me. Some members have reported that CodePen-hosted images were not returning with the correct CORS headers when they’re used in Canvas or WebGL Pens. This can be a real bummer, because if an asset doesn’t return with Cross-Origin […]

Use Any PostCSS Plugin You Want on CodePen

We support writing CSS with PostCSS here at CodePen, and as we just posted, we support a select number of PostCSS plugins. If you ever have a strong desire to see us support others, definitely let us know and we’ll see what we can do. But, you also don’t need our help anymore! The ever-clever […]

Current List of All PostCSS Plugins We Support

We offer PostCSS on CodePen, and the purpose of using it is like anywhere else: you use plugins that do potentially useful preprocessing to your CSS. We do not currently have a way for you to use whatever plugin you want for PostCSS, we only offer a select few. To use them, you have to […]

JavaScript 30

Wes Bos has a new totally free training course called JavaScript30: 30 Day Vanilla JS Coding Challenge Build 30 things in 30 days with 30 tutorials No Frameworks × No Compilers × No Libraries × No Boilerplate We’re seeing a good amount of people tackle the challenges here on CodePen!

RegEx Find (and Replace) on CodePen

This has been possible ever since we integrated the CodeMirror Find & Replace functionality into CodePen, but it’s a bit hidden, so it’s worth explaining specifically. If you start any “Find” with a “/”, that will be a RegEx. So for example, Command/Control + F brings up “Find”: A search for “/apples/” is basically the […]

Round of Preprocessor Upgrades

We just spent some time making sure we were up-to-date on all the preprocessors we offer here on CodePen. Here’s the complete list. Sass 3.4.21 to 3.4.22 Susy from 2.2.2 to 2.2.12 Bourbon from 4.2.2 to 4.2.7 Neat from 1.7.2 to 1.8.0 Breakpoint from 2.5.0 to 2.7.1 Toolkit from 2.10.2 to 3.0.7 Slim from 3.0.3 […]

New PRO Perk: Simple Invoices

Hey CodePen PRO peeps! We have a new perk for you to take advantage of. Do you ever send invoices? If so, you should absolutely use a service to do that. It makes you look more professional, gives you a proper paper trail for accounting, and allows you to understand what’s happening financially with your […]

113: The CodePen Spark

Show Description We’re launching a new feature called The CodePen Spark — a special newsletter devoted to highlighting awesome stuff around CodePen and the web at large. There are already lots of different ways to explore great content on CodePen, but the Spark is slightly different. Other than the fact that it’s delivered through email, […]

Companies Use CodePen For Lots of Reasons

Companies of all sizes use CodePen. How they use us varies quite a bit. There are all sorts of reasons to use CodePen, and we thought highlighting some of those ways through the actual companies doing it might be illuminating. amCharts shows off interesting uses of their charting library by making demos themselves For example, […]

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