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New Pen Settings Design

The Pen Settings area in the Pen Editor is a highly important bit of UI in CodePen! You’ll see this area when doing anything from changing a preprocessor to changing the description of a Pen to turning on and off Auto-Updating. We’re also working on some new features that will ultimately be a part of […]

A Gutenberg Block for CodePen Embeds on WordPress

TLDR: We have an official “block” for CodePen Embeds in WordPress Gutenberg. If you’re a WordPress user, you’re probably aware of the Gutenberg editor that shipped in WordPress 5.0 about a year ago. It’s a massive change to the editor, and everyone has their opinion. I’m a fan, myself, and no moreso than in the […]

#251: Marketing

It’s January, and that means Chris and Marie are thinking about marketing (again). In this episode we talk about the challenges of marketing and user education for a complex app like CodePen.

Web Workers and Infinite Loops

CodePen does some extra fancy dancing to prevent you from executing infinite loops and freezing the browser. If we didn’t, you could find yourself in situation with unsaved work and no way to save it. That would suck. So, we try to stop your loops for you if they don’t appear to exit in a […]

#249: 2019 in Review

We’re wrapping it up for 2019! In this special episode, Marie talks to everybody on Team CodePen about their favorite projects of the year.

#248: Ideation

Marie and Klare talk about ideation and how CodePen has used it to work through ideas and projects as a remote team.

#247: Ads

Chris and Marie talk about the various ways sponsorship and advertising has changed over the years at CodePen.

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