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Chrome Extensions for CodePen Keyboard Shortcuts

I tried both of these and they work great! Codopen The Codopen extension allows for quick switching to Debug View. It adds a button, but also a keyboard command (Command/Control+Shift+I) that pops open a new tab with the current Pen in Debug View. codeTabber The codeTabber extension provides keyboard commands for switching between the editor […]

Update 2! CodePen is Going All-HTTPS

As we mentioned a few weeks ago, CodePen will be going entirely HTTPS on June 1, 2017. That article goes into why and how it might affect for you. This post is another reminder that it’s happening! But, we also want to share some steps we’re taking to help the process along. Non-Secure Resources Now […]

126: Project Management 2

Marie, Alex, and Rachel talk project management for the payments update and the Project project. We talk about the tools we used to manage our projects, what we’ve learned while managing projects, and tips for folks about to manage their first big project.

The Material Design Color Tool Exports to CodePen

Material Design is Google’s design system. It’s things like colors, icons, and typography, but also patterns, animation, and principals. There are implementations of Material Design, like Angular Material, which you can also work with on CodePen. They even have an account for their own demos. Brand new on the Material Design site is the Color […]

Replicating /r/Place

Andy Baio nicely described what /r/Place (a subreddit on Reddit) is: On April Fool’s Day, when the rest of the internet devolves into a cesspool of unfunny press releases and fake product launches, Reddit becomes the most interesting place online by unleashing a social experiment on its enormous community. This year, it was Reddit Place, […]

125: Building Projects with React

Marie, Rachel, and Tim H. are founder-free this episode, talking about using React to build CodePen’s newest Project feature. We talk about the deciding factors in choosing React for Projects, the learning curve, and the lessons learned.

Some of the Most 😍 Emoji Pens

Hakim El Hattab’s Pokemonooooooooo… Poor little ~lemmings~ people who don’t look up from their phones while walking around. See the Pen Pokemonooooooooo… by Hakim El Hattab (@hakimel) on CodePen. Rachel Smith’s Emoji!!!! Which she created in celebration shortly after we started supporting Emoji in Pens. See the Pen Emoji!!!! On CodePen!! 💁 by Rachel Smith […]

124: Projects

CodePen Projects is now officially in beta, and we’re excited to talk to you about it! Chris, Rachel, Tim S, and Marie gather to discuss the hows and whys of CodePen Projects.

CodePen is Going HTTPS

Starting June 1, 2017 all of CodePen will be served over HTTPS. Here’s everything you need to know about the change and how it may affect your content on CodePen.

Hashnode AMA

Tim Sabat, Alex Vazquez, and I answered a ton of questions over on Hashnode yesterday. There is stuff in there like Tim detailing our tech stack and some likely “next steps” for CodePen. Here’s a few others with snippets of our answers. Sandeep Panda asked: What are some super important insights that the team has […]

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