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#292: Bundles

Chris, Stephen, and Marie are talking bundles: bundles of software, bundling things in software, and how that all relates to making CodePen better.

Skypack + CodePen

Skypack is super cool. It’s a CDN for JavaScript packages, meaning you use whatever you like from npm without needing to run a bundler. It uses regular ol’ ES6 imports (seems like the are most commonly referred to as “ES Modules” so let’s roll with that) with fully qualified URLs. It’s essentially the package name […]

Knobs for Demos

CodePen is full of prototypes and loaded with full-blown art. Generative art is common, since hey, we’re working with code anyway, might as well make some of the code randomized and adjustable. There is a great project that has been around years and years that is purpose-built for giving users a UI to change values […]

#290: Packages

Chris, Stephen, and Marie talk about developing with packages and CodePen’s upcoming Skypack integration.

#289: Code Mysteries

How do you learn to work with something that has, like, no docs at all? How do you code something that nobody’s ever written about? It’s tricky, but with some sleuthing it can be done! Marie and Stephen are on to talk strategies for solving coding mysteries.

#288: Weekly Docs

Besides meetings, how does your company communicate what everyone is working on each week? Meetings? Reports? Klare, Chris, and Marie talk about CodePen’s use of weekly team docs to keep our fully remote team up to date.

#287: Spark 200

We’re celebrating 200 issues of our newsletter, The Spark! Chris and Marie are on to talk about how we put our email newsletter together each week, what kind of content goes in The Spark, and how the process of sending it has evolved over almost 4 years.

A Prefill CLI

Yuan Chuan: It’s here on GitHub. You pass the CLI command an HTML file, separates out the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and prefills a Pen with what finds.

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