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386: Hakim El Hattab

This week I got to speak with Hakim El Hattab. I feel pretty special as Hakim told me he doesn’t do public stuff very often. I get it! He’s a busy man with a family, a successful company, and ambitious other projects. I think of Hakim as the master of simple but satisfying UI concepts […]

385: Kristopher Van Sant

This week I got to talk to Kristopher Van Sant! Again! This time we got to talk about Kristopher’s professional work as well as some favorite Pens. Time Jumps Sponsor: Equinix Metal’s Startup Partner Program Equinix Metal’s Startup Partner Program helps early stage companies level up. Their experts work with startups like GenesysGo and Cuemby […]

384: The 300 Sparks Milestone

We just recently published the 300th CodePen Spark. Marie joins me on the show, as she leads up the creation of the vast majority of Spark newsletters. We get into things like why we do it, how we create it, how we send it, and things we’ve learned along the way sending a newsletter of […]

383: Soft Delete All

In this show, Stephen and Chris get to talk about an internal technical detail we were improving in our database, which led to a public-facing feature for y’all. The idea is that all (most, anyway) database tables should have a deleted_at column. When you query against them, under regular circumstances, any rows that have a […]

382: Bulk Actions for Assets

CodePen will host your assets, like images, data models, libraries, whatever. It’s quite useful! They are easy to browse, easy to copy URLs or code snippets of usage, served with the right headers from a fast global CDN, and heck, we’ll even help optimize them. It’s easy to amass a lof of them, as we […]

381: Data on External Library Usage

Marie and I this week! Marie dug up some interesting data about “external library” usage on CodePen. In the Pen Editor (specifically), you have the option of adding external resources. These are literally placed in the Settings area and added to the end of your HTML. We’re specifically focused on these (not scripts you might […]

380: Ol’ Jake

This week I got to speak with Jake Albaugh. Long-time listeners will remember Jake as an alumnus of Team CodePen. That’s a first for a podcast guest! We looked back a bit, where Marie dug up some of the best Jake classic Pens, and talked with him about what his professional life has looked like […]

378: Lee Martin

This week I got to speak with Lee Martin! Lee is a fascinating fella, due in part to him having a job I think we all want: designing weird cool digital experiences for good bands. Fortunately for us, he often writes about them. Just check out the Inter Dimensional Video Player for Lord Huron, for […]

Bulk Actions for Assets

We got a support request from a user who had many thousands of uploaded files using our Asset Hosting feature. They told us many of them were duplicates and totally unused variations and they’d like to clean up. And to be perfectly honest, it was so many assets it was causing some minor bugs with […]

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