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Autumn Leaves

Ahhh, it’s finally fall 🍂 It’s my favorite season, so it’s a delight to see how the CodePen community captures the drift and tumble of falling leaves in code. Here are a few recent Pens I love! Sarah Higley’s “Falling Leaves” See the Pen Falling Leaves by Sarah Higley (@smhigley) on CodePen. листья (leaves) by […]

New PRO Perk: Thinkful

Thinkful is a web development bootcamp with 1-on-1 mentoring. They have full time and flexible programs, to suit different lifestyle needs. As a brand new PRO Perk, we’re offering a heaping $500 off their flexible program. A huge part of taking a development bootcamp is that you can come out of them and get a […]

107: Justin Gitlin

Show Description We’re talking with Justin Gitlin who recently dissolved the agency, Modeset, that he was a part of for over 10 years. They focused on working with startups and helping them build their MVP and then moving on to the next project and helping the startup replace them with employees. We talk about ways […]

Bees & Bombs on CodePen

Dave Whyte, the artist behind Bees & Bombs, recently joined CodePen! His work is a major source of inspiration for the CodePen community. We’re thrilled to have him among us! See the Pen rgb triangles by Dave Whyte (@beesandbombs) on CodePen. Dave generously put together a gigantic collection of Pens that recreate his work. Here […]

106: Roost

Show Description We’ve got Dan from Roost – a web notification service that helps businesses send better notifications to users. They rely heavily on native web technology to do what they do, which is interesting and slightly unusual. We talk about their competition, how they keep ahead of the competition, freemium pricing vs sales, trying […]

A Little Trick to Styling Your Own Profile with Custom CSS

Any CodePen user can apply custom CSS to their profile. You put the URL to a Pen under Settings > Customize. CodePen will recognize that, process the CSS if there if necessary, and apply it to your profile. If you’re PRO, you can also make any Pen the header of your profile, which is an […]

Cool Birthday Pens

People make the coolest Pens when someone special has a birthday 😃 Since September is such a common birthday month, you might find yourself making a digital greeting sometime soon. Here are a few of my favorite birthday Pens to inspire you! SVG just hit a pretty big milestone, and Tobi Reif celebrated with “Happy […]

Quill Playground

Quill is a very nice open source web-based text editor. Over 9,000 GitHub stars! Open up the playground and it shows you exactly how to initialize a new editor (with an example set of parameters), and the live output. So perfect, right? That’s the best way to demo a lib. And would you look at […]

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