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Code Folding of Sass

The .sass variant of Sass isn’t nearly as popular as SCSS. If I had to guess, it would be because SCSS is totally compatible with CSS in that any valid CSS file is a valid SCSS file, which makes SCSS easier to transition to both in terms of coding and the mental shift. But anyway, […]

Privacy Toggle in Context Menu

It used to be that in order to change a Pen, Project, or Collection from public to private (or vise versa), you had to open it directly and edit it there. Now, you can make that change from anywhere you see them in grid, be it in the Your Work section, your profile, or anywhere […]

#304: Security at CodePen

As Alex puts it, and as evidenced by the Falkor header on our Notion planning board, security at CodePen is a NeverEnding Story. Not in an ugkadh this project will never end sense, but in that there is always some patch to stay on top of, some newly-evolving best practice to follow, or some new […]

#303: Using JavaScript Packages / ES Modules on CodePen

Stephen and I dig into just about every way that ES Modules are relevant on CodePen. They are extremely wonderful. The fact that browsers support native import/export for JavaScript, and the existence of amazing projects like Skypack which bring the npm ecosystem to ES Modules, opens up all sorts of doors on CodePen. We look […]

Vue Editor: Now with ES Modules

We’ve upgraded the Vue SFC Editor to process your code to support ES modules imports, and output into ES modules format. This means two things: 1) CDN Imports! Now you can, for example, pull packages from npm as use them. Skypack is great for that. 2) Import other Vue Pens! Take this Pen. Now look […]

Search Upgrades

CodePen search has recently gotten better! Quick story first: we had a little unplanned downtime last week. It was ~18 minutes where the web servers were really struggling and most requests timed out or failed. It turns out that our search servers were the root cause. Sometimes a little on fire situation like that causes […]

#302: Five Year Employee Milestones

While CodePen itself is about 8.5 years old as I write, Rach was part of the first round of hires we ever did, and has crossed the ever-so-rare and round-of-applause worthy 5-year milestone. She blogged it as well. So has Marie! Both of them join me (Chris) in a chat about that half-decade of life […]

#301: What are Projects?

Chris & Stephen take a look at CodePen Projects (docs), which, for the time, is an entirely different thing than Pens. Rather than just the 3 editors: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript—you have a file system to work with, with arbitrary files and folders like you’re used to with a desktop code editor like VS Code […]

#300: Exploring Custom Profiles

You’ve got two options for customzing your profile on CodePen, and endless possibility: Open to everyone: Apply Custom CSS (which can be a link to a Pen on CodePen) PRO only: Apply a Pen-as-Header-Background In this video, Chris & Stephen look at a bunch of awesome profiles on CodePen, and find that many users (especially […]

Team Admins Can Invite Other Team Admins

A new little feature for PRO Teams: All Teams can have multiple admins. When Teams are created, they have a Team Owner, which is also an admin. Admins are the role that can invite (and remove) other Team Members. Any member can be turned into an admin by an existing admin, and any admin can […]

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