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Better Collections Management

The old way to add a Pen to a Collection was a dropdown <select> menu. Hey, I like browser-native UI as much as the next person, but there comes a point where you want to offer a more robust UX around an action. That’s what we’ve done with the new Add to Collection interface. This […]

#243: Breaking Stuff

Chris and Marie are on to talk about when stuff breaks at CodePen. We chat about how things break, how we handle communication while things are broken, and what we learn about our product (and ourselves) when something isn’t working like it should.

Need a 2-Person Team Account? Or 7? or 13? Or 119?

We used to sell PRO Team accounts in seat increments of 5. 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, etc. After some fairly recent payments infrastructure work, there was no longer any particular reason it had to be that way (we used to avoid it because of some complexity we wanted to avoid, but that’s no longer […]

#242: Collections

Stephen and Marie are on the show to talk about recent updates and improvements to the Collections feature on CodePen.

#241: CTO

Chris talks with Alex about his role as CTO at CodePen and what he sees as his job, how to learn from mistakes, and ways to level up as a developer.

Changed Domains for Iframe Previews

Note: You probably don’t need to know any of this and hopefully didn’t even notice it. We used to use the domain to render previews of the code you write. In the Pen Editor, Details View, Full Page View, and more. Using a different domain (a subdomain in this case) is a very important […]

#240: Customer Research

Chris and Marie talk about how CodePen’s style and methods of customer research have changed over the years, and how it’s been helping influence the decisions made about features at CodePen.

From Solr to Elasticsearch

When we first build out search on CodePen, we did it how we’ve done so many things over the years: in-house from scratch using open source technology. We landed on Solr after learning from others with experience that Solr is remarkably stable technology. Set it up, and it just works and keeps working. We found […]

Collections Clarification Message

Private items are a PRO feature of CodePen. If you make an item (Pen, Post, Project, Collection) private, nobody can see it except you and people you share the link with. We feel like that makes a decent amount of obvious sense. But it’s slightly complicated with Collections, which contain Pens. What happens if you, […]

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