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#226: New Export

Stephen talks with Marie about how we updated and improved our exporting function on CodePen and talks about a possible future Pro feature that could come from the changes we made.

#225: Learning New Things

Cassidy and Marie talk about their journey to keep learning new things, while also not stressing about trying to keep up with all the things in web development.

Holy Zdog!

David DeSandro’s new JavaScript library Zdog: Round, flat, designer-friendly pseudo-3D engine for canvas & SVG It’s made a massive impression upon people! My bet is because the API is so attractive. It turns these incredible illustrations from I could never pull off something like that into oh! I get it!. Just look at the Hello […]

#224: Community Roundup

Cassidy and Marie share some of the fun things CodePen community members are doing around the web including newsletters, Pass the Pen, JSConfEU, and Zdog.

#223: Streaming

Cassidy and Marie are here to chat about livestreaming for developers. We get into how we’ve used live streaming to learn and share in the past and how CodePen is planning to use live streaming in the future on our new Twitch channel.

#222: Trash Can

Marie and Chris are talking trash this week about our newest feature — a restore option for deleted Pens! We get into the whys and hows of this frequently requested feature.

New Restore Option for Deleted Pens

We updated how deleting a Pen works to make it a bit harder to delete something by mistake. And now there’s a way to quickly recover a Pen if you realize you didn’t want to delete it after all.

#221: Responsive Pen Editor

We’ve recently updated our Pen editor to be responsive and unified in the process. Cassidy, Klare, Stephen, and Marie are on to talk about the process of updating the Pen editor for 2019.

#220: Social Sharing

We’ve added a new sharing button to our pens on CodePen to and Marie and Chris are here chatting about why and how CodePen decides to include social networks to share to from a Pen.

The New Responsive Pen Editor

If you ever use the CodePen Pen Editor from a device with a fairly small screen (generally smaller than tablet), you’ll notice some big changes to the editor! Left: old editor. Right: new editor. Well, perhaps at first glance you don’t see a dramatic change. But poking around a little, we think you’ll find the […]

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