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152: A Very Codevember Thanksgiving

Show Description Marie and Rachel are back to update us on Codevember – what’s inspiring them, how CodePen is picking the best of Codevember, how to keep up even if you can’t complete the whole challenge, and why community challenges are a great way to learn something new. Show Links Codevember Codevember on Twitter Codevember […]


For most of CodePen’s life, we intentionally avoided this attribute. It’s normally globally set on the document, like… <html lang=”en”> You can set that yourself in a Project, where you’re authoring the entire HTML document. But in Pens, we provide the HTML shell for you. We always thought we have no idea what language you’re […]

151: The Codevember Creators

We talk to the Codevember creators, Arthur and Valentin, about their backgrounds, where Codevember started from, what they’re using to manage Codevember, and what’s different about Codevember for 2017.

Check the Accessibility of Pens

Deque Systems makes an open source project called aXe: The Accessibility Engine for automated testing of HTML-based user interfaces. Drop the aXe on your accessibility defects! There are a variety of ways you can use it, like a browser extension for Chrome or Firefox. It’s also just a stand-alone library, which is a smart move […]

150: Codevember Begins

It’s Codevember! All this month on CodePen Radio, our focus is on the annual Pen-a-day challenge. Marie is on to tell you all about Codevember — what it is, how to participate.

Straight-up Fun Games on CodePen

There is loads of game experimentation happening on CodePen. I love that. People figuring out spriting techniques. People exploring gaming frameworks. People investigating gaming mechanics and physics. There are also some full-fledged games like Snake, Mine Sweeper, Flappy Bird clones, and Connect Four. But then there are some really unique stand-out games that are as […]

New Design Assets!

We just added something new to save you some time: design assets built right into CodePen! Click the “Assets” button in the footer of the Pen editor and you’ll find: A color picker with the Material Design palette Beautiful photos from Unsplash (try the search!) Patterns from Hero Patterns Icons from Material Design Icons A […]

148: The Travelling Dogfood Salesman

We’re talking about how we “eat our own dogfood” at CodePen with a couple of examples – Jake’s exploration of the travelling salesman problem in Pens, and Rachel’s “Post About Your Pen” challenge.

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