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CodePenChallenge: Sub and Sup Roundup

The CodePen community really knows whatSUP (get it?) 😉 Here are a couple of our favorites from this week’s HTML Buddies challenge: <sub> and <sup> Hover over the superscript and subscripts in Jaymie Rosen’s Pen to reveal a stylish tooltip with more information. See the Pen Learning Science | #CodePenChallenge with Sup and Sub Elements […]

#175: The Kitchen Sink

Chris and Marie catch you up on all that’s been happening behind the scenes at CodePen, including a sneak peek at some lip-smacking new CodePen swag.

#174: Klare

CodePen’s newest team member, Klare Frank, joins Chris and Marie to talk about her experience going through the hiring process at CodePen and what her first week at CodePen has been like.

#173: Drip

Marie, Chris, & Jake are back to talk email and this time we’re talking about how CodePen uses drip email campaigns as well as a discussion of how we approach email personally.

Say you need to get/set some JSON data from a Pen

CodePen doesn’t have an official way to store data that is attached to the Pen. We do offer Asset Hosting, which could easily be editable .json files, but that would largely be read-only. We don’t have a programmatic way to write data to assets. But there are ways! There are services out that have JSON […]

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