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337: ES Modules on CodePen

ES Modules are a native feature of JavaScript! The import and export keywords are actually a mighty powerful thing for a language to have. You can use them right on CodePen of course. For example, with our URL extensions, you can export stuff from one Pen and import it in another without having to use […]

336: Cassie Evans

Cassie Evans is our special guest this week! Cassie is a front-end developer with a special talent and passion for animation and SVG, as evidenced in part by her amazing work on CodePen. She’s recently became part of the team over at Greensock, a very popular JavaScript-powered animation framework. We got to talk specifically about […]

335: Code’s a Drag

There are lots of types of dragging that can happen on websites. While they are all click (or tap), hold down, move, and let go, they are all quite a bit different. For instance: Drag files/folders onto the browser window and drop them. The likely use case there is uploading. Drag an element on the […]

334: Custom Properties

Chris & Shaw talk about a big ol’ conversion to getting CodePen’s color system to use –custom-properties all the way through, rather than Sass variables. Why? All sorts of reasons, kinda boiling down to the fact that they are just better. Here’s a tiny one: you can use the Web Inspector and see what some […]

333: Robert

New CodePen team member! As we recorded this, it was just Robert’s 2nd day at CodePen, and we snuck this podcast in within the hurricane of stuff happening during that time. There is a pile of new software to get access to and acquainted with. There is the dev environment stuff. There is getting acquainted […]

332: Running the Finances of a Startup

Dee and Chris talk about “everything money-related” at CodePen. Dee has been managing this stuff since CodePen’s beginning. First largely pro-bono (sorry, Dee), then later as a side gig and part-time job. Dee is full-time now at CodePen, but finance stuff is only part of her role (programming being the main job). It’s a lot […]

New Pinned Items UI

In the olden days (like, a few weeks ago), the Pinned Items UI was much less capable. You could certainly pin things, and open up a menu to see a list of what you pinned, but there wasn’t any context. There was no visual preview to quickly identify them. There was no metadata like when […]

331: Next.js + Apollo + Server Side Rendering (SSR)

Our goal here was to explore server-side rendering (SSR) in Next.js using data from Apollo GraphQL, for faster client-rendering and SEO benefits. There are a variety of approaches, but Shaw has set his sights on a very developer-ergonomic version here where you can leave queries on individual components and mark them as SSR-or-not. There are […]

A More Tab-Like Look

We’ve got lots of plans for the Pen Editor on CodePen. Of course we do! This is the heart and soul of CodePen. The thing where all the great stuff on CodePen is actually produced. Down the road, there will be more big-bangs where the editor evolves to do bigger and better things (but don’t […]

#330: New Admin Tools

Chris & Marie talk about a big long project that we’ve finished at CodePen: our new Admin Tools. Any web app is gonna need ’em. They do stuff that is unique to customer service on your app. Say you need to manually trigger a password reset email or hand-verify an account. You look them up […]

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