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#325: New Embed Modal

Chris and Stephen talk about the New Embed Modal. We got to re-architect the thing into our modern stack, using all our latest design patterns, and improve the UX of it quite a bit while we were at it. This is something like the 4th generation of that experience, and we’re already eyeing up future […]

#324: How can we help you better?

Chris and Marie talk about customer support. If you’re a regular listener of this show, you’ll remember that we’ve had a lot of success with customer support over the last year, the point that our volume of direct support is rather low. That’ll happen when you fix every major problem that comes up. But it […]

#323: Trends

Chris & Marie talk about some of the types of Pens that have been particularly popular this year so far, now that’s we’re halfway through it. There is still plenty of time to make the best-of-the-year list (you could make a Pen the third week of December and still make it!). Heads up though, giving […]


A user wrote in the other day asking us to add this PostCSS plugin: postcss-px-to-viewport. We’re always happy to consider them as needed, and this one looks pretty neat and pretty popular. It also blows my mind a little bit. All you do is size things in traditional units like px and it turns them […]

#322: Upgrading Upgrades

Dee and Chris talk about a recent release where we re-built the upgrade experience on CodePen. For example, you’re a free user, you want to upload an asset, you can upload via a modal that pops up, and get on with your task. You could kind of do that before, but it was much jankier […]

New Embed Modal

If you’ve used Embedded Pens before, you might notice the UI for helping you get the code from them has been updated: All the same functionality there, it’s just everything works better. I’m a particular fan of how clear the choice is now on which tabs to display by default (that was a bit wonky […]

DartSass Everywhere

It’s been a while now since the Sass team has declared DartSass as the canonical Sass and has essentially deprecated all other versions of Sass. One nice thing about this is that DartSass is entirely backward compatible with any older Sass. So when we flipped over to DartSass in the Pen Editor, there were no […]

#321: Six Million

A big milestone for us! We’re now well over that number of registered users on CodePen. It’s a fun number to watch — but we know it’s not a particularly useful or industry-standard metric. Monthly active users, for example, is much more meaningful. In this podcast, Marie and Chris reminisce a bit on the early […]


Perhaps you noticed our visually-updated Toast messages across the app? The are these ephemeral messages that just need to tell you something but not stick around. We display them at the top of the screen, centered. Like these: We have, I dunno, at least a hundred such messages across the app. This change was a […]

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