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I’m a big fan of using CodePen TV as a screensaver, and one of my favorite collections for TV is my kaleidoscope collection. I was able to add a really nice one to my collection this week! Check out Mathias Paumgarten’s “Kaleidoscope”! See the Pen Kaleidoscope by Mathias Paumgarten (@MathiasPaumgarten) on CodePen. And a few […]

110: Codeship

Show Description This week we’ve got Manuel Weiss from Codeship to talk about remote and local employees, running standups in Slack, pricing Codeship along with user’s success, supporting customers as humans, deciding when to add a sales team, taking funding, and best practicing when hiring. Show Sponsor: Hired 13:25 As a great developer, shouldn’t companies […]

Dogs and Cats

Doing picks was really fun this week! I noticed a mini-theme of cute cats and dogs, which I wholeheartedly endorse. Here are my picks of the litter 🐶 The dogfather of CodePen, David Khourshid, is back to crafting amazing CSS pups with “Meshi the CSS Dog” See the Pen Meshi the CSS Dog by David […]

This JavaScript library is enjoying quite the surge of popularity lately, and for good reason. It’s extremely useful and clever! reads the User-Agent header of each request and returns polyfills that are suitable for the requesting browser. Meaning you can write JavaScript using modern features and not worry they won’t work. That’s something Babel […]

SitePoint Seminar Video

SitePoint has published the video of the seminar I did with them, along with some of the Q&A. We talked about a pretty wide smattering of features, so it was more “A bunch of random interesting things that CodePen can do” rather than the official title “Making the Most of CodePen”. Here’s the video: Loading […]

October Fire

This October has something really special going on — the CodePen community’s Pen game is incredibly strong right now. Check out these four amazing Pens that all came out just yesterday! You’re on fire 🔥🔥🔥 Take some time to dig into Anthony Dugois’ “React Melody Composer”. There is a lot you can do! Or just […]

Talks from the Singapore CodePen Meetup

The first-ever CodePen meetup in Singapore took place on September 28th! The talks from the event are up on YouTube now. Check out Ken Chua’s talk “How I Use CodePen, at Work and at Play” and Ren Aysha’s talk “Fishing for Loves on CodePen” We’ve gathered some photos from the meetup on Flickr, too. Interested […]

109: Dribbble

Show Description This week we’ve got Dan Cederholm and Rich Thornett from Dribbble. Dribbble takes the cake for the business in this series that is the most similar to CodePen. Dribbble was first, paved a good amount of the ground we followed, and we unabashedly take many cues from Dribbble. We pick their brains on […]

Auto Autocomplete

Last month, we introduced autocomplete options into Pens, triggered by the control + space key command. A lot of people found this useful, so we’ve stepped it up a notch and added an optional setting for always-on autocomplete! You can turn it on in your settings page, under the “Editor” section. From then onward, your […]

Pens Inspired by Studio Ghibli

Have you noticed Adam Kuhn’s Studio Ghibli-inspired Pens in the picks lately? He’s creating a series of them! His work sent me on a search for even more Pens that capture that Miyazaki magic. Let me show you a few of my favorites. You’ll see Adam’s latest, “Catbus”, in the Picks today See the Pen […]

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