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Fun with Mo.js

“Motion Graphics For The Web”, says mo ยท js. It’s a JavaScript library created by Oleg Solomka, otherwise known as LegoMushroom on Twitter and sol0mka here on CodePen. There is something about it that inspires really clean animation work and playful demos. After you check out these picks from the CodePen community, check out the […]

143: Optimizing a Database

Chris and Tim Sabat talk about struggles you can have with a growing database – keeping lookup times down, paging issues, and dealing with metadata.

A Pixel-Perfect CodePen logo

This is a guest post by David DeSandro. You might know David from his work at Metafizzy or right here on CodePen. We’ve worked with David in the past on code and UI work, and now he’s at it again with some branding work! Here’s David: SVG has renewed my love of viewing source. It’s […]

142: The Dashboard

Rachel, Tim Sabat, and Marie are here to talk about CodePen’s newest feature: the Dashboard. We’re talking about why we added it, how we built it, and why it’s so zippy.

141: Screenshots

Tim H, Rach, and Marie talk about screenshots on CodePen. How we generate the default screenshots, how and why we built the new custom screenshots feature, and a little discussion about what’s coming up in the world of headless Chrome.

Say Hello To Your New Dashboard

The new Dashboard helps you find all of your work, all in one place. No more clicking around into different sections of your profile to find things. It’s all in your Dashboard now!

140: Saying No

Saying no is an important part of running a web business. In this episode of CodePen Radio we talk about how and when we have to say no to customers and others.

Eclipse Inspired Pens

On Monday, the US will be in the path of a total solar eclipse, and if you’ve been watching the Picks over the past few days you can probably tell we’re excited about it! Here are a few of my favorite eclipse-themed Pens. “Interactive Eclipse” by Michal might not be scientifically accurate, but it sure […]

Open Fork in a New Tab

Unlike templates, there is no URL you can hit to Fork a Pen or Project. There are some boring technical reasons for that. It’s us, not you ๐Ÿ˜‰ But because there is no URL, you can’t, for example, right-click the Fork button and “Open in a New Tab” like you might want to. A bit […]

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