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Little Project Fixes

While we were cleaning some house in our Projects infrastructure, we fixed a few things that we know have been annoying to some users for quite some time. You can now use .dev domains with custom domains for your Projects. Favicons will now host and display properly for deployed Projects. Sorry that took us forever.

#262: Dee

Marie and Rach welcome Dee Vazquez back to the team! Dee talks about her journey from finance whiz to solo dev to Team CodePen’s newest fullstack developer.

Your Activity Feed: Actually Good Now

You might notice a new little activity indicator on the site now, right next to where it has always said “Activity” in the sidebar. That might tip you off that there is something new happening here on CodePen in regard to activity, but that little indicator is just the tip of the iceberg! We’ve entirely […]

#260: Remote

Marie, Klare, and Chris talk about the things CodePen has learned about working from home and offer some advice to those who are unexpectedly making the transition to working from home.

#259: Teaching with CodePen

Stephen and Chris talk about the various ways CodePen is used in education – both formal and “for fun”. Documentation, streaming, code camps, and more!

#258: Keyboard Commands

Show Description Stephen, Marie, and Chris talk about figuring out how to add new keyboard shortcuts to CodePen and the challenges it proposes trying to add features like that to a browser-based app like CodePen. Time Jumps 00:49:09 Shortcuts are hard 08:23:19 Moving between editors 14:30:14 Sponsor: Netlify 16:25:24 Other new commands Sponsor: Netlify Netlify […]

A Nicer “Following” Experience

Since CodePen is already such a lovely social place (thanks for being cool, gang!), we’ve long had our sights on improving the social features. We were hoping the Popout Preview made things a bit more social. We integrated Blocking to make sure we had appropriate safety features in place. Now we’re digging into deeper stuff, […]

New Editor Setting: Format on Save

I’d say in the last couple of years, configuring code editors to run a code formatter when you save the file has become a standard. Thanks in no small part to Prettier I’m sure. We use (and love) Prettier on our own codebase as well along with tools like Rubocop (which also can/does auto-formatting) to […]

Interviewing for a Webdev Job in 2020

That’s the name of a recent podcast on Some of it is a little disheartening. Stuff you’d expect, like web devs being asked to solve ridiculous questions about algorithms and very specific JavaScript and zero questions at all about other core fundamental web technologies. I’m blogging it here because CodePen gets brought up a […]

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