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#230: Apollo

What is Apollo and how does CodePen use it? Cassidy just returned from Apollo Day and is here to help educate us all about Apollo and how/why CodePen chose to use it.

Test Pens with Cypress

Cypress is an integration testing tool for websites. You use it to control the browser and then test that things are as you think they should be. Visit this URL, type this, click here, find this element, test for this text, see if the URL changed, etc. We use it here at CodePen to test […]

Jest on CodePen

Jest is a big name in JavaScript testing. We use it ourselves on CodePen to do our JavaScript unit tests. Koen Vendrik has created a way to run Jest in the browser (rather than in Node): jest-lite. Here’s a Pen from Koen that I lightly doctored up to be more in the CodePen format. It […]

#229: Vulnerability

Cassidy and Marie are talking vulnerability: at work, in software, and IN work ON software. What does vulnerability in work look like? And how putting yourself out there can be a great way to help you grow.

#228: 2019 Trends

We’re half way through 2019! Marie and Cassidy are here to talk about what’s trending on CodePen so far and take a glimpse at the future for the rest of the year.

#227: Tidying Up

It’s time to clean all the things! Cassidy and Marie talk about how CodePen is cleaning up code, internal docs, and external docs. How does your team do spring cleaning?

#226: New Export

Stephen talks with Marie about how we updated and improved our exporting function on CodePen and talks about a possible future Pro feature that could come from the changes we made.

#225: Learning New Things

Cassidy and Marie talk about their journey to keep learning new things, while also not stressing about trying to keep up with all the things in web development.

Holy Zdog!

David DeSandro’s new JavaScript library Zdog: Round, flat, designer-friendly pseudo-3D engine for canvas & SVG It’s made a massive impression upon people! My bet is because the API is so attractive. It turns these incredible illustrations from I could never pull off something like that into oh! I get it!. Just look at the Hello […]

#224: Community Roundup

Cassidy and Marie share some of the fun things CodePen community members are doing around the web including newsletters, Pass the Pen, JSConfEU, and Zdog.

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