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View Your Authored Sass and Compiled Sass Side-by-Side

Sassmeister is a pretty cool app for looking at Sass code and the compiled output of that Sass at the same time. CodePen also can compile your Sass, of course, but we don’t offer a side-by-side view for looking at authored code and compiled code at the same time. It can be done though! I […]

#218: Swag 2

Marie and Cassidy are talking about the swag choices we’ve made at CodePen – where we get our swag made, and how it’s shipped out internationally, how we deal with inventory.

Cassidy at T3chFest and on the React Podcast

Our very own Cassidy Williams in Spain at T3chFest! How cool. As so many people have done, Cassidy picked some gorgeous designs from Dribbble to rebuild. She had the audience choose, and then live coded that sucker in professor mode! And don’t miss Cassidy and Michael Chan chatting over on the React Podcast Episode 40: […]

#215: Podcasting 2

Our podcast engineer, Chris Enns, chats with Marie about what’s changed in podcasting over the last year, how CodePen evalutes the success of their podcast, and offer up some podcast suggestions for listeners.

Interdigitating Content

This tweet kicked off some interesting thoughts. Wes Bos made a video exploring why it’s such a tricky layout situation, and ultimately wrote some JavaScript to deal with it: There are lots of “almost” solutions. You might think CSS grid is easily capable of this, but it’s not exactly cut and dry. You can’t […]

CodePen Calling Cards

As in, just a little DIY something you can add to each one of your Pens to brand it and let people know it’s one of yours. I’d bet you already know you could add external resources. Like linking up a JavaScript library, CSS file, or uploading your own asset. You can even link to […]

Babel 7 Upgrade

We just did a whole bunch of work to our JavaScript processing stuff here on CodePen, including updating to Babel 7. Here’s what that means in the CodePen editor.

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