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New PRO Perks! ButterCMS and IconScout

A couple of brand new PRO Perks for our PRO members! Get Three Months of ButterCMS for Free ButterCMS is offering unique coupon codes to our PRO members good for three free months. ButterCMS allows you to: Add a blog or CMS to your site in minutes. Drop-in our API-based CMS and get back to […]

New PRO Feature: Custom Screenshots!

PRO members can upload a custom screenshot for Pens and Projects! Your screenshot will show when your Pen is shared on social media, in RSS feeds of your content, and everywhere we show images in place of iframes.

129: Projects Infrastructure

Tim, Alex, and Chris are here for a classic propellerhead episode – talking all things server infrastructure for CodePen Projects. All the fun server buzzwords are covered such as NFS, S3, EFS, Gulp, Docker, Docker Swarm, and AWS Nodes.

What’s the Difference Between Pens and Projects?

Marie and I take a look in this quick video: The brief explanation is: Pens give you three panels: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. You can use preprocessors and external resources and such, but are limited to the three editors. Projects are more powerful in that you get a complete file system. You can have multiple […]

Export Projects to .zip

You can now export your Projects! Click the button in the footer: CodePen will get to work. It’s normally just a few seconds, but it depends on the size of the project. Once it’s ready, you’ll get a button to download the .zip: That’ll download the file from your browser to wherever your default download […]

128: Taking CodePen on the Road

Chris, Tim Holman, and Marie are talking about spreading the CodePen word at conferences, both as speakers and attendees. How do you not cross the line into smarmy marketing? Do you need business cards? We talk about what feels right, and what doesn’t, when you take your company out “on the road”.

How to Make an Embedded Pen Resizeable

Some recent changes to Embedded Pens have made it a lot easier to make them resizeable! Let’s cover everything. Embedded Pens are naturally horizontally flexible and responsive They can go as wide or narrow as you need. They naturally fill the horizontal space of the container they are in. If they are wide enough, you […]

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