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One of my favorite things about CodePen is the creativity that comes out when people create generative art, it seems only fitting that we post a homage to the infamous 10 PRINT CHR$(205.5+RND(1)); : GOTO 10 The little 1 line of Commodore 64 Basic code, lays out a beautiful generative maze, and the people of […]

103: CraftCMS

Show Description This is part 3 in a mini-series where we talk with other businesses that, like us, make money off the web. We’re chatting with Brandon Kelly and Brad Bell from Pixel and Tonic, the company behind CraftCMS. CraftCMS is a powerful CMS for building a bring-your-own-HTML website. We talk about things like the […]

Preview Link to External Assets

Sometimes you just can’t remember what exactly an external asset is. Or is that just me? Either way, there is now a little icon you can press to jump right to that asset to check it out. Here’s a GIF showing the new icon and how it works: Animated GIF showing the “view” icon in […]

Unknown Pleasures

The cover of the Joy Division album “Unknown Pleasures” is an icon of early new wave. The rippling lines somehow feel both orderly and chaotic (like the music behind the cover). The image makes a great jumping off point for a Pen, and the CodePen community came up with mesmerizing variations on the theme. Here […]

Add ZingChart to your Pens

CodePen now has access to the amazing ZingChart JavaScript charting library! Our friends at ZingChart have made it possible to include ZingChart in any Pen. They’ve also given us a license that unlocks the full power of ZingChart for any Pen.┬áCheck out these awesome Pens built with their library! “The Bay Area – divided by […]

Upload Images from the Post Editor

Adding images to blog posts should be super easy right!? RIGHT. Now, if you’re PRO and thus have Asset Uploading as a feature, you’ll see an Asset Uploader right in the Post Editor: Like everywhere else you can upload Assets, you can drag and drop them into the dotted area. The new Asset will upload […]

102: BuySellAds

Show Description This is Part 2 in a mini series where we talk with other businesses that, like us, make money off the web. We’re chatting with Todd Garland from BuySellAds about being the middle-person between publishers and advertisers – and building advertising with respect for the readers. How do they compete against a multi-billion […]

Ctrl-Space Might Be Your New BFF (Autocomplete in the Editor)

Wahoo! Autocomplete is here! This is something we’ve wanted to add for quite some time and we’re excited to finally make it happen. Autocomplete saves you keystrokes by helping to automatically fill in things like HTML attributes, CSS properties, and JavaScript functions. To trigger autocomplete, use the key command ctrl + space Complete those HTML […]

Olympic Pens

The CodePen community has the Olympic spirit, and we’re going for front-end gold! Check out some of my favorite Pens from the 2016 Olympic season so far. Steve Gardner’s “Olympic Rings” See the Pen Olympic Rings by Steve Gardner (@steveg3003) on CodePen. “Binary Olympic Rings” by Adam See the Pen Binary Olympic Rings by Adam […]

101: Sparkbox

Show Notes This show kicks off what hopefully will be a 10-part mini series where we talk with other businesses that, like us, make money off the web. Some of them will be freemium SaaS (Software as a Service) like us, and some will be more tangentially related. Some will be bigger than us (probably […]

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