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DocSearch from Algolia

We’re giving Algolia’s DocSearch a little spin around here. We were using Google Site Search, which returns pretty fantastic results, but are also covered in advertisements. We’re aren’t anti-ads around here necessarily, but them showing up above search results when you’re trying to find documentation is not a good place for them. We’ve also moved […]

Social Log In and Sign Up Upgrades

We did a little cleaning house of how social Log In and Sign Up work around here. For most folks, you won’t even notice. If anything, it just works a bit smoother for you. The Old Way As you’re surely aware, some social services offer authentication. The ones we offer here are GitHub, Twitter, and […]

#170: Christina Gorton

Marie talks with Christina Gorton about how she uses CodePen to learn as well as teach code. Christina has a new Skillshare course that shows you how to learn to code by creating art.

Jake’s “Creative Coding with CSS” Class on Skillshare

Our very own Jake Albaugh has released a course on Skillshare! It’s called Creative Coding with CSS. It’s around an hour all together and is broken into 13 shorter easy-to-digest videos. Surprise surprise, Jake teaches these creative CSS concepts all right within CodePen. Congrats Jake! Everybody else: get watchin’!

#169: Dev Environments

If you’ve ever wondered which code editor or typeface the folks behind CodePen use, this is the episode for you! Marie interviews the CodePen team about their preferences for coding, typeface, music, and their take on tabs vs. spaces.

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