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A CodePen TV… TV.

The office that Tim and I work out of in Bend, Oregon is fairly new. We only moved in here a few months ago and we’re still settling in and decorating and all that. The classic interior design problem: loads of white walls! We’re still finding the right artwork and shelving and plants and whatnot […]

166: Sponsorship

What if your business model included promoting someone else’s business? It’s advertising-ish, sponsorship, and patronage. How does CodePen decide who to work with? Chris and Marie are here to take you behind the CodePen curtain of sponsorship.

#165: Design Assets

Chris and Marie are on the show to talk about design assets — colors, fonts, patterns, and photos built right into CodePen that you can use for your Pen and Project designs.

Design Assets Now in Projects

We’ve had Design Assets available in the Pen Editor for the last 6 months or so. We’ve now cleaned it up a bit and ported it over to the Project Editor as well! Click the Assets button in the footer and now, alongside all your own uploaded assets, you have quick access to a variety […]

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