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Improved Text Asset Editing

Our PRO Asset Hosting feature will take just about any file you need to host. Say you upload a CSS file or a JSON file… it stands to reason you should be able to edit that file even after you’ve uploaded it. Well, you absolutely can. Here’s a video showing off our many recent improvements […]

New, Better Asset URLs

The files you upload to CodePen with our PRO Asset Hosting feature have a public URL you can access them at. You might recognize a URL like this, that we used to give you: Or you might recognize that URL as being a direct URL to an Amazon S3 bucket. While that works, it’s not […]

#269: Docs and Blocks

Chris and Marie talk about updating the documentation at CodePen to support WordPress’ block editor – also known as Project Gutenberg.

#268: Appcues

CodePen is using Appcues to help with onboarding and feature notifications in the app. Chris and Marie are on to talk about how it works.

Asset Hosting, Revamped.

Asset Hosting is one of our PRO features here on CodePen. We’ve just totally redesigned and rewritten it to make the experience much better. Let’s walk through all the things you can do with it, showing off the new interface and functionality. Higher Limits! To cap off this release we literally more than doubled everything. […]

#267: PRO Assets Update

We’re shipping some big changes to the PRO asset experience! Marie, Dee, and Stephen are on to talk about what’s coming soon to asset hosting, and the tech behind the new features.

#266: Rubber Ducking

It is rubber duck season! As we all spend a lot more time on our own, team CodePen and the CodePen community are squashing bugs with the “rubber ducking” technique for breaking down complex problems. Goofy name, but it really works!

#265: Flutter

Andrew Brogdon from the Flutter team chats with Marie and Alex about the new Flutter editor on CodePen.

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