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CodePenChallenge – Forms Roundup

The CodePen community found fun in the functional this week and “informed” us of lots of new possibilities with the everyday form. Check out some of our favorites from this week’s challenge prompt: forms!

#182: Browserless

We improved the quality of Pen screenshots on CodePen using a “headless” browser, and we’ve got Joel Griffith from Browserless on the show to help us talk about how it all works.

CodePenChallenge: Forms

Forms: every office has them, and this week your challenge is to make a great one! Start from our fork template, or start from scratch. Don’t forget to tag it cpc-forms.

A Free Template for JavaScript Library Homepages

Hey folks! I created a website template for y’all that you are free to take and use for whatever you like. Like everything public on CodePen, it’s MIT. Wanna use it? You can fork a copy of your own anytime. With the Project on CodePen, you can deploy it and map it to your own […]

#181: Adding New Features

Marie and Chris talk about how we decide what new features get added to CodePen, and get into the process of taking them from a lightbulb moment to building them out on the app.

An Example of a Sass Toolkit on CodePen Projects

We got a question from a member the other day about the project Typesettings, “a Sass & Stylus Type Toolkit”. Typesettings is on GitHub and it’s also available as an npm package. Because it’s on npm, CDN services like UNPKG make the files available to link to. For example, this URL: It’s totally understandable how […]

#180: Design

The newest member of Team CodePen, Klare Frank, joins Marie and Chris to talk about what’s been happening in the world of design at CodePen since she started.

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