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Changed Domains for Iframe Previews

Note: You probably don’t need to know any of this and hopefully didn’t even notice it. We used to use the domain to render previews of the code you write. In the Pen Editor, Details View, Full Page View, and more. Using a different domain (a subdomain in this case) is a very important […]

#240: Customer Research

Chris and Marie talk about how CodePen’s style and methods of customer research have changed over the years, and how it’s been helping influence the decisions made about features at CodePen.

From Solr to Elasticsearch

When we first build out search on CodePen, we did it how we’ve done so many things over the years: in-house from scratch using open source technology. We landed on Solr after learning from others with experience that Solr is remarkably stable technology. Set it up, and it just works and keeps working. We found […]

Collections Clarification Message

Private items are a PRO feature of CodePen. If you make an item (Pen, Post, Project, Collection) private, nobody can see it except you and people you share the link with. We feel like that makes a decent amount of obvious sense. But it’s slightly complicated with Collections, which contain Pens. What happens if you, […]

#239: Our Current Stack

Rachel and Chris go on a tour through tech town to talk about CodePen’s current stack and how it has changed and morphed over the years.

#238: High Contrast Syntax Highlight Theme

Show Description Klare and Marie discuss the new high contrast syntax highlighter theme added to CodePen – designed by Klare! Time Jumps 00:42 New syntax highligher themes 01:38 Why did we make a new theme? 04:45 Testing with light themes enabled 05:25 Dark vs Light 08:48 Sponsor: 10:17 Adapting theme to VS Code 14:47 […]

A Few New Topics

A couple months back we made the offer if you wanted to help us build some new Topics, we’d be happy for the help and could send you some stuff in appreciation. Several of you took us up on the offer, so thank you! We’ve now got some lovely design pattern focused Topics like: Media […]

#237: Elasticsearch

Show Description Tim and Marie talk about CodePen’s decision to switch away from Solr and start using ElasticSearch to power CodePen’s search. Time Jumps 01:29 What did we used to use? 08:25 Hosting in the cloud 18:05 What was the switching process like? 21:22 Pitfalls and tips from our experience 24:32 JDBC Sponsor: Netlify 15:02 […]

#236: Private by Default

We’ve got a small feature update to talk about that’s a big deal to some folks: private by default. For some people & teams, having everything private by default on CodePen is critical to their work. Chris & Marie talk about how we added this option and the steps we took to validate and notify users about the feature.

Drop to Netlify

Perhaps someday we’ll have an even more direct Netlify integration, but I wanted to highlight just how easy it is to move a Pen over to Netlify. Here’s a 22-second video, and I wasn’t even moving particularly fast: Export Zip Upload dist folder to Netlify Drop Why? A hosted site on Netlify like that is […]

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