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#312: What is CodePen?

This isn’t actually a podcast actually talking about what CodePen is. Well, it kinda is. But actually it’s Stephen and Chris talking about and planning for what they would say if they only had five minutes (or so) to explain what CodePen is. So we need to hash out what the most important things are, […]

#311: Event Tracking & Appcues

Marie & Chris talk about the brand new event tracking feature in Appcues. We’re still pretty stoked we can even afford Appcues, since it’s super pricey software for our company. The fact that they just released event tracking dashboards makes it feel much more affordable though, because this unlocks super valuable information for us instantly. […]

#310: Front-End Monorepo

We talked about our transition to a monorepo back in episode 305. This move has all sorts of advantages for us, like the simplicity of having a single repo to pull and be up to date with and linting/formatting code in a consistent way across the entire code base of CodePen. This time we’ll get […]

#309: Elasticsearch

Dee, Chris, and Alex talk all about the technology of Elasticsearch. That’s a link to the company itself right there, which is relevant as we use them directly to host our production Elasticsearch. We use it for (wait for it): search. But interestingly enough, that’s not all. Elasticsearch is just a data store that can […]

#308: User Testing

In this episode, Klare and Chris talk about speaking to users directly about CodePen to get their feedback and as much other intel as we can in the spirit of making CodePen better and validating some ideas for future features. Timejumps Sponsor: Netlify We had a question come in over on ShopTalk Show from a […]

Console Upgrades

We had a weird bug come across the desk of CodePen Support the other day. It had to do with an expected infinite loop being triggered in someone’s JavaScript. It turned out to be perhaps one of the weirdest bugs we’ve chased down in quite some time! Sparing you the gory details, it was our […]

#307: We’re Hiring a Gopher

A Go-person? A Golanger? A person who’s good at Go, anyway. That’s who we’d like to hire at CodePen, at the senior level. In this podcast, we chat about how we’re thinking about this new role, why Go has been so important to us so far, and what we hope to do with it. We […]

Two New Editor Fonts from Toshi Omagari

Toshi Omagari makes fonts. I caught wind of the Codelia release just recently: Fortunately, Toshi allowed us to purchase a license to allow you to use it on CodePen! You’ll find those options in your Settings > Editor area. I think Codelia is awfully nice, but in chatting with Toshi, their favorite is actually Comic […]

#306: The Views of CodePen

(This is a video podcast. Feel free to watch on our YouTube channel instead of downloading if you experience any issues.) The Editor View, perhaps the most important view on CodePen, is just one of many! In this video, Chris Coyier and Stephen Shaw look at all the different views, from the basic Full Page […]

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