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The Promotions Tab in GMail

This is a note to let people know that if you’ve felt like you’ve been missing emails from CodePen, and you use GMail or Inbox, you might wanna check the Promotions tab/bundle. It might be The CodePen Spark, social notifications, or even something like a password reset email or a reply to a support request. […]

157: ETL

Jake is on to talk about the planning and design that went into our overhaul of our email system at CodePen.

How to Build a Serverless Blog on CodePen

Serverless. It’s kind of a phenomenon. All sorts of web developers can make use of it, including front-end developers! Here’s one way to think about it: they allow you to take your front-end skills and do things that typically only a back-end can do. Depending on what you all make use of, serverless is possibly […]

Sass Tinkering

We just finished a semi-major internal project of upgrading how we handle our preprocessing services for Pens. Part of that work, ideally the only thing you’ll notice or care about, was upgrading the versions of all the preprocessors we offer the latest versions. We do that fairly regularly, but once in a while, there is […]

The Most Hearted of 2017

It’s that wonderful time of year again when we get to published The Most Hearted lists! In case you didn’t know, there is a three-level hearting system on CodePen. These lists of Pens, Posts, and Collections simply total up the total number of hearts (factoring in double and triple hearts) and display them in order.

Adding type=”module” to Scripts in Pens

Native modules have arrived in JavaScript. You can write JavaScript that exports functions that can be imported and used in other scripts. MDN has a good overview of how it works and all the different syntax involved. Here’s a simple example. This is a handy-dandy little helper function: export function getNodes(str) { return new DOMParser().parseFromString(str, […]

#155: Podcasting

We’re joined by our podcast editor Chris Enns to talk about the benefits of publishing a podcast about your startup – even if it’s not a direct marketing channel.

A Little Revamp to External Resources

External Resources are links to.js scripts or .css stylesheets that you can put into the settings of a Pen to include in the rendering of the Pen. As you’re likely aware, there are thousands upon thousands of frameworks and libraries and such that you could use. Not to mention scripts and stylesheets of your own […]

Checking in on HTTPS

It’s been a while now (7 months) since we flipped the switch to make CodePen entirely HTTPS. I figured we’d check in with a progress report. These are things that are aside from the standard benefits of HTTPS. As Kayce Basques explained in Why HTTPS Matters: HTTPS protects the integrity of your website HTTPS protects […]

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