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#190: Getting a Gig

Cassidy Williams knows a thing or two about getting hired, and she’s on to share tips for finding work as a front-end developer.

#189: Cassidy

Introducing the newest member of Team CodePen, Cassidy Williams! Marie and Alex talk to Cassidy about her first week at CodePen and her past before CodePen, including her amazing mechanical keyboard project.

#188: Feature Testing

Klare and Marie talk about how new features get tested at CodePen – including our latest tests on pinned items and a redesigned sign up page.

New Feature: Pinned Items!

We just launched a new feature to help you keep track of important things on CodePen: pinned items! Now you can click the “pin” at the top of the page on a Pen, Post, or Collection to save the item to your pinned list. Projects aren’t pinnable yet, but that’s coming soon. The pin turns […]

#187: Browser Support

Chris and Marie talk about dropping support for a browser version and how it sucks to let people down. But they also talk about how CodePen handles it, and cover what the browser usage stats are at CodePen.

#186: Jake Moves On

Jake Albaugh stops by CodePen Radio one last time to talk with Tim about his new job and what it was like working at CodePen.

#185: All-Hands

We recently had an all-hands meeting and recorded a podcast to talk about how we’re working on a new feature of CodePen.

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