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113: The CodePen Spark

Show Description We’re launching a new feature called The CodePen Spark — a special newsletter devoted to highlighting awesome stuff around CodePen and the web at large. There are already lots of different ways to explore great content on CodePen, but the Spark is slightly different. Other than the fact that it’s delivered through email, […]

Companies Use CodePen For Lots of Reasons

Companies of all sizes use CodePen. How they use us varies quite a bit. There are all sorts of reasons to use CodePen, and we thought highlighting some of those ways through the actual companies doing it might be illuminating. amCharts shows off interesting uses of their charting library by making demos themselves For example, […]

The CodePen Spark: Our Brand New Inspiration Newsletter

One thing I adore about CodePen is the massive variety of creation that exists. We see creativity that stretches broadly across Pens both practical and abstract, Posts, which can range from satirical to fantastic tutorials, and Collections, which are an infinitely useful source for inspiration and guidance. While all these things have their respective homes […]

Codevember Finale

So, Codevember was fantastic! The creativity and enthusiasm of the CodePen community is inspiring. There’s nothing more exciting for everybody on Team CodePen than 30 straight days of amazing Pens 🙌 I’ve gathered up a few of my favorites from the final days of the Codevember challenge to share with you today. This is only […]


As The United States celebrated Thanksgiving this year, we passed 10,000,000 Pens created here on CodePen. 🎉 We love a good milestone around here. We also love how y’all celebrate your own milestones with Pens sometimes. Here’s some of our favorite celebratory Pens for reaching certain numbers of followers. See the Pen 400 Text Shadows […]

Codevember Week Three

We’re just about at the end of #codevember week three, and the wonderful Pens just keep coming! This week I noticed a few especially relaxing Pens in codevember-land, and I’ve gathered those up to share with you today. An absolutely radiant “[dawn]” by XORXOR See the Pen #codevember – [dawn] by XORXOR (@xorxor_hu) on CodePen. […]

Anchor Links on Post Headers

JEEZ WELCOME TO 2016 CODEPEN. Now, like any well-presented written content on the web, Posts on CodePen have anchor links on all headers. You know, jump-down hash-links that allow you to link right to a section of a Post, if you need to. Like this: If you’re interested in this kind of thing for your […]

Learning to Use Intercom in CodePen

Intercom is an app for communicating with customers of your app. They have a suite of tools for this, helping you do things like live chat with your leads, onboard people with targetted emails, and do customer support. It does need to be integrated into your app, though, which means some development work and a […]

Challenging UI Concepts to Code via MaterialUp

Over the last year, Matthieu Aussaguel has been blogging a series named “Can you Code this UI Concept?” in which he finds user interface ideas that exist as GIFs, and then an implementation of that idea in real code. The implementations are already done in these posts, but it doesn’t mean you still can’t think […]

Landing Page for CodePen + Education

We made that. You can go check it out. It talks about how CodePen might be useful for educators. Features we offer, how it has worked for other educators, ideas on how you might use it, FAQ’s etc. As always, we’d love to hear from you on how CodePen could be better for education.

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