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#136: Drew Conley

Drew Conley created an RPG right inside CodePen! Today he talks with Marie and Tim Holman about how he built it (with React), basing it around his own life experiences, and what the future holds for The Danger Crew.

#135: Sarah Drasner

Sarah Drasner is on the show to talk about why she started sharing her work and giving back to the community, her love of CodePen, and the Web Animation Workshops she runs with Val Head.

#134: Nat Cooper

Chris and Marie sit down with Nat Cooper, organizer of the Creative Coding Club. The club aims to inspire people to design and build fun digital things based on a monthly theme. We talk about why she set it up, how she manages the community, and her plans to help keep Creative Coding Club going in to the future.

The “Best” Volume Sliders

There was quite a hopping Reddit thread this week… “Who can make the best volume slider?” It’s kind of in the same vein as the wave of ridiculously bad ways to enter a phone number that went through late last year. The best ones are, of course, the ones that actually got coded up! Here’s […]

More Prettification Changes

Our favorite code tidying library, prettier, just updated to version 1.4. This update has a lot of great changes, so we updated as well! This means that CodePen now uses prettier for CSS as well as JavaScript. This update has also given us the ability to prettify TypeScript. Now you can prettify typescript files in […]

CSS Dev Conf is coming October 9-11, 2017 (Win a free ticket!)

Update: We have a winner! Check out the winning Pen and other awesome entries in our roundup post! CSS Dev Conf is coming this fall! There are a variety of events at CSS Dev Conf, like keynote sessions with industry leaders, user-voted-on topic sessions, and Q & As. Take a look at the lineup! This […]

#133: Mike Mangialardi

Mike Mangialardi from joins the show to talk about his Daily CSS Images challenge! We talk about what inspired him to start the challenge, how he runs the challenge, and how the CodePen community has embraced it. It’s been a great way for people to learn and get better at CSS and so we are very excited to talk with Mike about the project!

Improved File Uploading in Projects

One of the quickest ways to get started with CodePen Projects is to upload a project you have sitting around on your computer already! When Projects first launched we limited uploads to 10 files at a time. That limit is now gone! Here’s a quick video showing how file uploading works now: You can also […]

CodePen is Now All-HTTPS

We did it! Just as we planned, we baby-stepped our way there over the last few months. All URLs on CodePen are now HTTPS. It went a little something like this: We secretly prepared for it for the last few years by making all new things HTTPS-only. We moved Asset Hosting to all-HTTPS. Big features […]

Fidget Spinners!

Love ’em or hate ’em, fidget spinners are popping up everywhere — even on CodePen! There’s now a mini-trend of fidgety goodness. Here are a couple of cool ones we’ve spotted lately.

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