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123: Upselling

Chris, Tim H., and Marie gather to discuss how we upsell CodePen PRO. We talk about the process of identifying opportunities to upsell, avoiding dark patterns, and new ways of introducing our members to PRO features.

Infinite Loop Buster (Round Three!)

We’ve been iterating on how we deal with infinite loops on CodePen for years. (Round One / Notes, Round Two / Notes). To be perfectly honest, it’s still not perfect, but we’ve come a long way! For the first time, we’ve compartmentalized it to the point where we’re able to open source it, so here’s […]

122: Capacity Planning

Tim, Alex, and Chris are together answering a listener question about how we do capacity planning at CodePen. Thanks Frederick for the topic suggestion! Tim runs through all the details of how traffic is routed around CodePen’s servers. We get into the details of auto-scaling and provisioning with our AWS plan. Also: a discussion of the newest CodePen feature!

CodePen Projects Is Here!

What is CodePen Projects? If you’re familiar with the term, you can think of it as an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for building websites. Like all of CodePen, you use it right in your web browser. You have a sidebar with all your files. You can create new files and folders there (even by drag […]

Some Recent Code Walkthroughs Using CodePen on YouTube

Eleftheria Batsou’s “How to Pure CSS That – Cute Animal” Daniel Shiffman’s “Polar Coordinates” (The Coding Train) Sasha Tran’s “Watch Me Practice – CSS Headphones” Ana Tudor’s “Neat Tricks with CSS variables, Sass Maps to Create an HSL Picker”

Some of the Best Music Pens on CodePen

There are some absolutely epic Pens exploring the potential of audio and the web. I like to think I follow web stuff pretty closely, but I would never have understood the power and potential of the Web Audio API and the various libraries around it if it wasn’t for the intensely creative things CodePen users […]

121: Refactoring

Chris, Jake, and Dee gather to chat about refactoring the payment processing code and the creation of ownables. We talk about why we went through all this work and what it allows us to do in the future.

Autocomplete 2.0

We made some tweaks to Autocomplete to make it more helpful and easier to use. Give it a try with `ctrl` + `space`, or keep it on all the time in your account settings.

120: Social Media

Chris & Marie talk about the benefits of focusing on CodePen’s social media efforts. How do we engage with our audience on each platform? What did and didn’t work on social media CodePen? Is there a way to measure the value of one platform over another?

Beautiful Pens for Color Palettes

Picking colors for a project is one of those things you either love or hate about web development. Some people love playing with colors and experimenting with combinations, while others want to find a set of colors that look good together and move on as quickly as possible. The CodePen community has so many wonderful […]

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