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Ana Tudor on YouTube

A lot of you are probably already fans of Ana Tudor’s work (like us!). If you follow her on Twitter you might know she uses Professor Mode publicly quite a bit. It’s quite fun to watch her code in real time, figuring out problems and making demos happen. I definitely recommend popping into those sessions […]

118: Email 2

Chris, Tim H, and Marie talk about the nuts and bolts of the CodePen’s Spark β€” the weekly email newsletter that highlights the coolest stuff from the previous week on CodePen. We get into the challenges of getting email _just right_, from testing the design on various devices to getting it to your inbox each week.

New Typeface! FiraCode Medium

By very popular request, we’ve added the FiraCode Medium typeface to our editor font options! FiraCode is a “monospaced font with programming ligatures” designed to help you read and understand code faster. Programmers use a lot of symbols, often encoded with several characters. For the human brain, sequences like ->, <= or := are single […]

117: Leadership

Show Description The three founders, Tim, Alex, and Chris got together in person to work together and plan the future of CodePen. They turned on the mics to record this episode of CodePen Radio about the leadership structure of CodePen. Who decides what happens at CodePen? When do we hand off leadership to someone else? […]

The Pen Editor Now Remembers Your Layout

We have a new little UI feature that has been 🔥 hotly requested 🔥 for quite some time now. Sorry it took so long (obama_putting_sunglasses_on.gif), but it’s here now! Now, on Pens you own, the Pen Editor layout you set up will persist as you work. For example: You adjust the editor panels to your […]

116: Taxes and Accounting

Show Description It’s tax time! Chris, Marie, and Dee Gill, CodePen’s numbers sorceress, talk about the financial aspects of running a startup like CodePen β€” from payroll and taxes, to forecasting and reporting. Show Sponsor CodePen Pro Show Links Dee Gill on CodePen / Dee Gill on Twitter Marie Mosley on CodePen / Marie Mosley […]

Allowing CodePen via CSP

CSP, as in, Content Security Policy, the web technology that helps protect sites against cross site scripting and data injection attacks. For example, it can stop any inline JavaScript whatsoever from executing. You can read up on enabling it on your site. CSP is very restrictive by default, and then you whitelist what you want […]

115: Community 2

CodePen always strives to be friendly place to take part in the world of front end development β€” it’s a playground! Our reward for our efforts is our big, diverse, exciting community of talented members. On this episode, Chris, Marie, and Tim H talk about setting the tone to create a welcoming environment, embracing community […]

Code The Wave

Have you heard of Scarlet Pleasure? They have a new song called “The Wave”. The song was intentionally written to be part of an interactive experience, organized by a company called B&O PLAY. If you’re interested in the intersection of Code, Art, and Music, head on over to the Code The Wave site to play […]

Instrumenting Bugs

You know what the most-used preprocessor is on CodePen? TRICK QUESTION. It’s one that all JavaScript is run through, no matter what. You can’t choose (or un-choose) it. We refer to it as “instrumenting” JavaScript, and we do it for one main purpose: stopping long-running and infinite loops. Before we did this, long-running and infinite […]

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