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361: Forks in a New Tab

If you Command (Mac) or Control (PC) click the Fork button, it will open the newly forked Pen in a new tab in your browser. That’s new behavior. Before, it would open the fork in the same tab, no matter how you click. That was unfortunate, as Cassie called out: Why didn’t it work like […]

360: Sarah Fossheim

I got to talk to Sarah Fossheim this week! One of the impressive things that Sarah does is near photograph-quality recreations of iconic old technology in HTML & CSS. I enjoyed the fact that neither of us quite totally knows what some of these machines even did, but appreciate their incredible aesthetics. Perhaps my favorite […]

359: Tiffany Choong

I had tons of fun talking to Tiffany Choong this week! I loved learning her process on creating countless code art Pokémon characters. Just look at it and wing it! Wild. While I’m not nearly as creative as Tiffany, I feel some kinship looking through her Pens. Like how there are all these amazingly creative […]

358: CJ Gammon

I got to chat with CJ Gammon this week! CJ is a creative technologist, a term he’s tried to hang onto as he does more development work, so he can continue to communicate that he’s a designer as well. CJ has been at Adobe for nearly 10 years and has played with a huge variety […]

357: Ryan Mulligan

This week I get to talk to Ryan Mulligan! Ryan put together a Collection of some of his personal picks for favorite Pens and we get a chance to talk through a lot of them. There are some classic moments here I really feel, like when something you consider pretty basic gets way more popular […]

356: Amit Sheen

I got to talk with Amit Sheen this week about his journey into creative coding. Even his early work is incredibly interesting and recent work is downright stunning. Now he’s entering a phase of sharing what he knows with workshops like Pushing CSS to the Limit. Here’s a list of Pens we talk about in […]

355: With Adam Argyle

I grabbed Adam intending to chat about all sorts of CSS stuff and his work at Google and on VisBug. But then we chatted pretty much the entire time about color and what’s coming there to the web platform. Time Jumps Sponsor: is the fastest way to spin up a WordPress site. You’ll […]

354: With Steve Gardner

We’ve got Steve Gardner on this week! We get into all sorts of nitty gritty detail on the ol’ Christmas Cannon, a Pen of pure joy. Steve has some absolute classics that show off the web at it’s very best, like the Airplanes Pen. Can’t beat Steve’s cleverness and execution. Time Jumps Sponsor: Netlify Quirrel […]

353: With Louis Hoebregts

Louis Hoebregts (aka Mamboleoo) has been creating wonderfully creative Pens on CodePen for many years. His early work, as we learn on this episode, was inspired by the CSS trickery of Lea Verou! He rotates his tools between HTML and CSS, SVG, and canvas, but tends to have an aspect of motion and the unexpected. […]

352: With Aysenur Turk

Aysenur Turk had a number of appearances on this year’s Top Hearted of 2021, including #1! In this podcast, I get to catch up with her, find out where she gets ideas and inspiration, how much time it takes to build something like her amazing layouts, and what her favorites are. Time Jumps Sponsor: Retool […]

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