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A Prefill CLI

Yuan Chuan: It’s here on GitHub. You pass the CLI command an HTML file, separates out the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and prefills a Pen with what finds.

#286: New Homepage

Marie and Chris talk about the recent changes to your homepage on CodePen – the one you see when you’re logged in and looking for inspiration. What’s new with the Trending, Following, and Your Work tabs?

A New Homepage

We are very pleased to have rolled out a new homepage experience for our community last week. You may notice the visual differences straight away, but there has been a lot of work on our data management and infrastructure that made this redesign possible. This version of the homepage is just one part of our […]

#285: AVIF

Marie and Stephen talk about adding AVIF support to CodePen Asset hosting – most importantly, how do you pronounce AVIF? What is AVIF? How does AVIF compare with WebP? And how was AVIF support added to CodePen?


CodePen has a prefill API. You POST to it with code you want in the editors (and settings, like preprocessor choices), and we create a new (unsaved) Pen in the Pen Editor. It’s pretty raw though. You need to know how to do a POST request. That can be done right in HTML alone even, […]

#284: Settings Redesign (Part 2)

Klare, Dee, and Marie chat about the process behind redesigning the settings pages inside CodePen – how decisions were made, adding helper text to various locations, and designing React components to reuse.

Settings: Redesigned!

We’ve been on a bit of a redesign tear these last few months. I’m happy to unveil the latest one: a complete redesign of CodePen Settings! Settings is one of the last remnants of Old School CodePen™️. While I’ll miss the 2011 nostalgia, the new Settings page is a thing of beauty. Beyond the UI […]

#283: Settings Redesign (Part 1)

Marie and Dee talk about changes to the settings panel in your account on CodePen – design changes, how changes you make to your settings get saved, making use of feature flags to test, making sure billing is done right, and Stephen’s beautiful tables.

#282: Sunsetting Posts

Marie and Chris talk about deprecating the blog posting functionality on CodePen, why we decided to turn it off, what happens with posts when the feature sunsets, and suggestions for where to post going forward.

Collections: Reordered!

Collections are the perfect way to group and share Pens. We’ve just given them a big round of improvements including reordering, sorting, and commenting! Reordering Many of you (including some of our own Team CodePen members) have been asking for the ability to reorder Collections. A simple request on the surface, but it required a […]

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