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The Ongoing Reactification of CodePen

We used to have a project planning document literally called “The Ongoing Reactification of CodePen” in our company Notion. It’s called “CodePen on the New Stack” now, as of course, React is just one of the tools in our new preferred stack that we build new UI with and replace other areas of the site […]

React CodePen Prefill Embeds

Prefill embeds is a pretty cool feature of CodePen. They allow you to use CodePen Embeds, but instead of needing to maintain that code on CodePen itself, it reads the code right from your own documentation, blog, markdown, whatever. That means: The code executes The user can see and interact with the output The code […]

#234: React Grids

Cassidy is on to talk about powering the grids on CodePen with React to make them faster and future feature friendly!

New Build Process for Exported Pens!

Exporting Pens is a great way to make an offline backup or to port your code to another project, but what if you wanted to keep working on that preprocessor code locally? Now you can, with the latest PRO feature: Export with Build Process! Open any Pen and click Export in the footer to try […]

#233: Export 2

Stephen, Chris, and Marie are here to talk about the new export with build process! We get into how it was built, its limitations, and some improvements we made to our admin systems along the way.

#232: Side Projects

Cassidy and Marie are on this week to talk about side projects and how they can help you personally as well as professionally. Let us know what kind of side projects you’re working on!

Help Us Make Some Topics, Get Some Swag and Books and Stuff

Have you seen CodePen Topics? They are pages that focus in on one thing you might be interested in. For example: React. On that page you’ll find a bunch of example templates to get started with or reference that are about the core technology of React. But you’ll also find links to relevant reading about […]

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