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#221: Responsive Pen Editor

We’ve recently updated our Pen editor to be responsive and unified in the process. Cassidy, Klare, Stephen, and Marie are on to talk about the process of updating the Pen editor for 2019.

#220: Social Sharing

We’ve added a new sharing button to our pens on CodePen to and Marie and Chris are here chatting about why and how CodePen decides to include social networks to share to from a Pen.

The New Responsive Pen Editor

If you ever use the CodePen Pen Editor from a device with a fairly small screen (generally smaller than tablet), you’ll notice some big changes to the editor! Left: old editor. Right: new editor. Well, perhaps at first glance you don’t see a dramatic change. But poking around a little, we think you’ll find the […]

New on CodePen: Topics

Have you seen this fancy new area of CodePen? There is a link to Topics now in the sidebar menu of CodePen: Topics is the right word for it, we think. A topic could be a specific library or framework, for example. We’re fans of frameworks like React and Vue, which make perfect topics. We’re […]

Share to DEV

Both Twitter and Facebook offer fancy JavaScript powered sharing buttons you can use to put on your own sites. Using them adds a little <iframe> to your page which shows the button, and clicking the button pops up a special UI for sharing content there. A Twitter Share button, as I write, adds about 50k […]

#219: Topics

Our topic for this episode is Topics — a new feature on CodePen. Stephen, Klare, Cassidy, and Marie are on to talk about what Topics are, the design approach, how we built the feature, and how you can suggest new Topics.

View Your Authored Sass and Compiled Sass Side-by-Side

Sassmeister is a pretty cool app for looking at Sass code and the compiled output of that Sass at the same time. CodePen also can compile your Sass, of course, but we don’t offer a side-by-side view for looking at authored code and compiled code at the same time. It can be done though! I […]

#218: Swag 2

Marie and Cassidy are talking about the swag choices we’ve made at CodePen – where we get our swag made, and how it’s shipped out internationally, how we deal with inventory.

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