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351: Moving to PostgreSQL from MySQL

As you read this, CodePen is 100% on PostgreSQL for our main relational database. It was a transition that took a couple weeks of pretty intense effort, and lots of planning and prep before that. I’ve got Alex on the show to talk about it, as he was the main instigator and led the effort, […]

350: 2021’s Most Hearted

It’s back! We counted up all the hearts given to every Pen created in 2021 and created a list of the top 100. Marie and Chris chat about this year’s list. Who’s on it, what’s on it, and digging into the numbers where we can. Remember that people can heart pens up to 3 times […]

349: With Olivia

Olivia Ng has done loads of wonderful work here on CodePen and off (check out her super cool travel bucket list site) She got started just out of pure desire to build things. “I just really like the internet” she told me. Hear hear! Her eye for design takes all her work to the next […]

348: With Jhey

Jhey Tompkins is one of the most prolific CodePen creators out there! Find him as @jh3y on CodePen and @jh3yy on Twitter. His creations tend to have a twist of whimsey while being beautifully designed as well as pushing the platform in unique ways. You’ll always be surprised at a Jhey Pen! I talk with […]

347: Using Notion

Rachel and Chris dig into the many, many ways in which we use Notion at CodePen. Heads up, Notion has sponsored a couple of episodes of CodePen Radio lately, but not this. It’s just a tool we heavily use and this podcast is all about that sort of thing. Heck, this podcast itself was planned […]

346: With Ben Evans

You might recognize Ben Evans from his absolutely incredible CSS “paintings”, like the portrait of his daughter or the still life. Paintings aren’t the quite word as Ben designs them all to be entirely scalable. And sometimes they have interactivity, like the slight parallax in the Vaccum from Space. Like so many other great artists, […]

345: With Gabrielle Wee

This week I talk with Gabrielle Wee, who’s done loads of creative coding work here on CodePen but like so many other creative people we talk to, her creativity explodes into so many other areas like illustration, photography, drawing, and even gardening. Plus a desire to share those techniques. Her path has led her to […]

344: With Aaron Iker

Today I get the pleasure of talking with Aaron Iker. Aaron builds incredibly delightful bits and bobs of UI that give you the feeling of hey, I bet I could actually use this! And that’s exactly what Aaron wants you to do. He takes care to make sure the code is easy for you to […]

343: cpshots

We’ve been naming all our services cp____ lately. Get it? cp is short for CodePen. Clever, I know. We have many such services. The latest to join them is cpshots. We’ve been doing our own screenshotting for a long time now, but like all software we’re always working on it for various everchanging reasons. Robert […]

342: Workers

Chris and Shaw talk about how CodePen uses Cloudflare Works with the KV storage to power several things on CodePen. We do some cool stuff with them, like serve landing pages with the content provided by WordPress yet served on an entirely different Ruby on Rails powered site. We also serve up assets through them […]

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