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#264: Community Roundup

Chris & Marie chat about what’s going on in the community in the spring of 2020. A friendly, artistic vibe and a strong community come together to make a tough season a little brighter, and some new features make it even more fun to connect on CodePen.

Flutter on CodePen

Have you seen Flutter? It’s Google’s UI framework for building cross-platform apps. You write Flutter apps in the modern programming language Dart. Flutter packages bring app development to life fast. Flutter apps compile to honest-to-god native apps for iOS and Android and a web app and a desktop app. There have been plenty of other […]

A Custom Editor Just for Vue Single File Components (.vue Files)

Vue is an extremely popular JavaScript framework! Vue works with a regular ol’ <script> tag linking up the library and your existing HTML and CSS if you’d like it to, so in that sense, Vue already works great with the Pen Editor. Here’s an example of using Vue that way. But Vue also supports the […]

#263: A New Editor Vue

Show Description Chris, Stephen, and Marie talk about the new editor experience that’s coming soon for Vue.js on CodePen. Time Jumps 02:59 What the Vue? 06:27 🍑 14:32 Sponsor: Jetpack 16:59 Prefill embed Sponsor: Jetpack Jetpack is full of features. If you have had the feeling that you’re paying for more than you need, you’re […]


Another incredible coding font on the scene! MonoLisa. They’ve graciously allowed us to offer it on CodePen, so it’s live and ready to use. You change it in your Editor Settings. We’ve got it set to do italics for comments and the ligatures turned on. Looks pretty dang nice I think!

Little Project Fixes

While we were cleaning some house in our Projects infrastructure, we fixed a few things that we know have been annoying to some users for quite some time. You can now use .dev domains with custom domains for your Projects. Favicons will now host and display properly for deployed Projects. Sorry that took us forever.

#262: Dee

Marie and Rach welcome Dee Vazquez back to the team! Dee talks about her journey from finance whiz to solo dev to Team CodePen’s newest fullstack developer.

Your Activity Feed: Actually Good Now

You might notice a new little activity indicator on the site now, right next to where it has always said “Activity” in the sidebar. That might tip you off that there is something new happening here on CodePen in regard to activity, but that little indicator is just the tip of the iceberg! We’ve entirely […]

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