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#275: Measuring Things

Chris and Marie talk about how looking at the numbers behind changes can help guide and improve decisions we make at CodePen, including tools like Redash and Appcues, and how we use data to help sell PRO subscriptions.

An Upgrade to Emmet

We use the CodeMirror editor here on CodePen, and offer Emmet within that editor via the plugin. Well that plugin has gone 1.0 now (we’re on 1.1.3) with a bunch of improvements! Big thanks to Sergey Chikuyonok for working on this, letting us know about it, and working with us on little bug fixes and […]

#274: Golang

Alex joins Marie to talk about how CodePen is using the programming language Go. What is Go? Why does Alex call Go a non-magical language? And what improvements have we made by using Go?

Edit & Optimize Image Assets

CodePen’s Asset Hosting is the easiest way to upload and use images in your code, and it’s available right inside the Pen Editor! Let us handle the storage and CDN delivery¹ and you let your creativity fly. We’ve just released another major upgrade to this feature! Now your image assets are even better with dynamic […]

#272: Video

Marie and Chris talk about video tutorials and demos for CodePen, and how CodePen is planning to improve videos across documentation and our YouTube channel.

#271: Sending Email

Dee and Marie talk about changes being made behind the tech we use to send out emails at CodePen. What’s the difference between transactional and non-transactional emails? When to bring an outside service vs building it yourself? And how are we sending emails so quickly now?

Improved Text Asset Editing

Our PRO Asset Hosting feature will take just about any file you need to host. Say you upload a CSS file or a JSON file… it stands to reason you should be able to edit that file even after you’ve uploaded it. Well, you absolutely can. Here’s a video showing off our many recent improvements […]

New, Better Asset URLs

The files you upload to CodePen with our PRO Asset Hosting feature have a public URL you can access them at. You might recognize a URL like this, that we used to give you: Or you might recognize that URL as being a direct URL to an Amazon S3 bucket. While that works, it’s not […]

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