We discuss money. The different services we use, pricing, and why we went with a recurring revenue model for CodePen. We talk mostly about incoming money, saving outgoing money for the next episode. We also discuss sharing financials and what's in it for who.


  • Travis Morrison

    Really neat to see CodePen on this level. One metric I’m curios about is that I’ve read if you have a free model along a premium model usually the conversion of paying customers is around 1%. That number hold any weight with you guys?

    • chriscoyier

      Gonna have to go with the Glomar Response on that one =)

      • Travis Morrison

        I figured that may be a little much! Thanks for responding either way.

  • BioMechanico

    Very nice thank you! I would also love to hear about getting this started. How long did it take you to make money, how did you get customers. Thanks!