This week we talk about customer support. Pretty much all web apps need to have some system for customer support. How that goes can take many forms.

1:28 We provide support for CodePen through our support form (Wufoo form that goes to a shared Google Apps GMail account). That stuff gets mostly triaged into GitHub Issues.

5:09 We use a tagging system to direct issues to each other. So billing and preprocessing stuff goes to Tim, JavaScript stuff to Alex, and design stuff to Chris. So we use names and tags to sort issues and organize support issues.

6:21 Email is the main way we provide support.

7:46 We use Twitter for support and interaction. We all have access to the CodePen Twitter account, but to avoid duplicate responses and other amateur mistakes, we use to manage the incoming tweets and our responses.

12:18 What happens when you start getting too many support requests? Should you hire help, or switch to automatic responses?

14:00 Why we don't offer phone support at the moment.

16:41 What would it be like if we didn't do any customer support at all? What would the repercussions be?

17:52 If you aren't providing great support, you are missing out on great marketing opportunities and the chance to improve your product.

19:37 We use TextExpander for quick email responses and consistency in tone. That way, the user gets the right response every time, and we save time on responses that would be pretty similar anyways.

22:04 The pros and cons of splitting up support days between team members

24:29 Plans for scaling the support system

27:30 Other choices for support

29:00 A quick dive into using BugCrowd for security issues and bugs.

36:45 We all could spend so much time doing customer support. At what point do you have to step back, focus on getting work done and let the support issues sit for a couple of days?

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