We're starting to use Amazon Web Services Lambda lately for some of our preprocessing work. It has it's ups and downs.


  • Jacob Kucera

    Loving it! Keep it up guys!

  • Austin Meakin

    I’m between jobs and have listened to CodePen Radio for the best part of a week solid, makes me feel like I’m back in an office again and overhearing some great chats… Love the way you guys are so transparent and open about your strengths and weaknesses, during the health episode I even decided to a do a run! I don’t use CodePen (yet) but I set up an account as I’ve always wanted a place to blog about movies. Thanks guys, I thought you deserved a little back patting.

  • Thanks for this great episode; I’ve listened to it for the second time this week.

    It’s been almost a year since that episode went live; I wonder if you plan on doing a new episode telling us the results you’re getting after all this time!