In this episode we take a look at something uniquely CodePen: the "Picks". Why did we start doing it? What are the upsides? downsides? We also look at a little bit of the tech behind how it works.

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  • Alex Zaworski

    I can definitely say from a user standpoint getting picked feels really, really good. Have you guys considered pushing a notification to your activity feed when you’re picked though? Unless you happen to notice your stuff on the front page you might never even be aware that it happened.

    • chriscoyier

      Great idea! This is totally on our list for when we revisit the whole concept of Activity, which hopefully won’t be too far away.

  • Mike Dixon

    You laugh about going PRO after getting picked, but I just recently did just that, haha.

    I’d been using CodePen for over a year, but nothing ever got more than 2 hearts. My Star Wars BB-8 pen recently got picked and got over 100 hearts in a day.

    I was hooked! Signed up for PRO the next day.