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Launch day is coming up! How do you decide which ideas to kill, leave for later, or try to fit in before the launch. Hear everyone's thoughts as they get ready for launch day on the new CodePen.

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  • ha! and here I was thinking I had done something to my site , or my computer was acting wierd! I’m liking it. Good job

    • David Augustus

      LOL! That happened to me too, at the first time i saw the codepen a kind of changed, some weeks ago. Then i contacted them about that weird change, and now this is happening …. thats beautiful .

  • drats, i can’t change my profile picture

    • chriscoyier

      We’re tracking that bug here: Hopefully won’t be long!

      • David Augustus

        Very short! Damn, you already fixed the bug of the search paging. You rock. Thank you for listening to my suggestions. Contacting you was great .

  • David Augustus

    Thank you, i contacted you about a redesign project, and i fell very good now, you listened to my suggestion very fast. I am together with you, lets find the bugs .

  • David Augustus

    I think you could and should allow using the old version of website, as an option. Users may want to switch back, at least up to the end of the redesign project, not only for the testing period, and for the old users, its important, and necessary for the comparison of old and new design ….

  • InfinityPlayer

    The new design looks good, but that doesn’t mean i like it, cos i don’t. i prefer to see the 6 picked pins like it was before. i wish there was an option to switch back to the old design, cos i don’t like having to scroll to see the other pins.