Show Notes

This week we talk about the "Recent Activity" feature on CodePen. It's tricker than it looks. The beginnings of the idea was based on logging actions for support reasons. For instance, if we log the fact that a user deleted a Pen, there is information about that when we get a support request like "my Pen is gone and I don't know what happened."

But once that system was in place, we could add lots more actions. Like when other users interact with your content and when you interact with theirs. It gets pretty complicated though, and not the least of which of that complication is how you store the data and display it in a friendly readable way.


  • Alex Zaworski

    What’s the benefit to users as far displaying when they’ve updated a pen in their activity feed? Not trying to knock it, just isn’t immediately clear to me.

    • chriscoyier

      That one is actually largely for support! If everyone can see when their Pens were updated last, it doesn’t have to be a mystery when you’re in a “hey what happened to this Pen!?” kinda moment. Especially in a Team context.

  • jimpannell

    Great episode and quite relevant to what I’m about to do – create a notifications / activity system for our web app. Is there any chance of you guys being able to share the database table schema for your activities setup?