The redesign has been live for a few weeks now. Or at least "Phase One" of it, we might say. The reactions have been overwhelmingly positive, but of course not all of it. We talk about the launch and how it went down from a technical perspective, organizational perspective, and all the choices made along the way.


  • Alex Zaworski

    So… it’s super possible that this is a “me only” sorta thing but one problem I had with the GitHub Issues approach is that for people who aren’t super active on GitHub there’s a sense of not really knowing the etiquette of the platform.

    For example, if someone has a subjective problem with the redesign is it appropriate to open an issue? Or are issues reserved for bugs only? Another example (and something that I personally encountered) is when you guys close an issue, is it preferred that we don’t respond or is a quick ‘hey thanks’ nice (my assumption is that once an issue is closed you don’t want to have to read anything in it again)?

    In general though I think it was a nice platform for handling the influx of bug reports. I definitely think it made users feel like they were more involved in the process.

    • chriscoyier

      Totally fair points Alex!

      It’s complicated because there definitely is a sense of etiquette on GitHub, and then a sense of etiquette on kind of a repo-by-repo basis depending on the community and spirit around that project.

      While I still think using issues was a big success, I did fail to think about this.

      For US & THIS PROJECT: please feel free to put whatever you want in there. We’d expect it to be constructive and well mannered, but otherwise open season.

      If the issue that you open is just general feedback, you could expect us to reply and likely close the issue. If the issue isn’t related to the redesign, we’d probably move it to our internal tracker and close it. If the issue is a straight up bug (the main purpose of the repo), we’d leave it open and address it and close it when we fix it.

      In otherwords, we want your feedback however you want to give it and we’ll triage as needed.