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The whole gang is together! Last week we had a whole-team get together and we figured we'd record a podcast while all there.

All of us have been on the receiving end of feature requests from our community. There are many spectrums on which to place these requests:

Then there are more considerations, like how public you want to be about the feature request, the consideration behind it, and the real feature pipeline. We also cover our favorite feature request preface: "I'd pay for CodePen IF...."


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  • Chandan Choudhary

    is audio working properly.

  • Jane

    I personally miss how the private pens worked back then. If you had private pens and then ran out of money (or cancelled your Pro membership temporarly), you could still keep private pens private and edit them freely. Without the power to make NEW private pens, now that was reasonable.

    Now they automatically goes Public, which breaks the entire point of having them Private in the first place. How do I deal with this? I had to make a bootleg account where I can just spam pens to receive less attention (all the ones that were previously on private).

    This really got me mad for some reason. It’s like all the projects I’ve begun are totally worthless until I become Pro again. I can’t work on them because if I save they will go public. I understand that ‘you can’t have private pens if you aren’t pro’. But why not just lock private pens to Private so they can never become public? That would keep me working on personal things until I can afford Pro again.

    With that said, I really appreciate the work behind Codepen. I just felt the need to express myself to potentially have this design decision re-thought. Great podcast as always by the way.

    • chriscoyier

      I honestly can’t remember a time when we did things that way. If we did, I think it was probably a bug. Private things are the #1 PRO feature on CodePen, enabling us to do what we do! Wo having some limitations on them when you aren’t PRO seems fair =). We never UNprivate things, even if you do downgrade, without you doing something to do them and us warning you.

      • Jane

        It was like that prior the redesign, a little time after the launch as well if I remember correctly.

        What I meant is that I cannot save my current private pens, as they now turn public. Usually people keep their pens private until it’s done and ready to be put public. At the moment I’m unable to work on anything as the unfinished product will appear visible to my followers (even stuff that was never meant to be available to them). I feel pressured to get Pro again for this reason.

        It’s unfortunate having to create an alt account to work on personal stuff. I wish private pens remained private, forever.

  • Awesome discussion and interesting insight. I really like how you all share so much information about how you manage things over there. I also like the “I would pay if” people, that would never pay. I’ve developed a lot of freeware and open source stuff for the Lua community and I have heard this so often and experienced exactly that.

    I also would love to know what future goals you guys might have in the education corner of things. I mean, there is a professor mode and it is lovely (which I really want to apply in my classes more), but are there more ideas on the way?

    I would get it if you guys don’t share that though, but ideas are cool, even though they might not ever be implemented haha!