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Pagination should be simple right? It's just some arrows you click to move between some content. We should probably be used to this by now: it's complicated. There are UI complications (e.g. making sure the buttons stay where there are, when they can). There are UX complications (e.g. can you make it fast? do you offer more than forward and back? do URLs matter?). There are backend complications (e.g. counts are expensive).

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Q: For whom are these services?

Media Temple’s new managed services cater to the business needs of users with high-traffic websites and complex apps, which not only includes creative agencies and web developers, but also content providers, e-commerce, SaaS and enterprise businesses.

Our cloud engineers can help businesses identify the services they need – for free – and see whether or not they really need them. More information.

Q: Why not go to AWS directly instead of working with Media Temple?

A much simpler AWS experience: We provide the complex architecture expertise our customers need to fully take advantage of the AWS experience. AWS provides building blocks, which can be complicated to compile/stack together as a complete solution. At Media Temple, we’ve put in the time to master AWS’ 40+ different service types, pricing model, and custom API, so our customers don’t have to - that way they can go back to focusing on running and scaling their business.

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