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We recently got a Dedicated Denial of Service threat email. An empty threat, probably (so far so good). But still, we're about the right size of a business to target and any amount of research will show that sometimes these things are real. We were absolutely under no circumstances going to give criminals any money (it makes you a mark anyway), so instead, we took the opportunity to prepare, and make CodePen better in the process anyway.

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  • Enrique Montalvo

    Bitcoin prices have held pretty steady over the past year in the $250 to $450 range, with a couple of short-lived bigger fluctuations (nothing like “could be $3 or $30 million”). I know you guys are trying to make the show entertaining, but accuracy (and truth) matters.

  • Koya

    $250 to $450 is still a massive range, I could buy one then in a few months it is worth almost half. I support the idea of purely electronic currencies with no fees, BitCoins don’t do it for me.

  • Dave W

    Hey! You mention Dedicated Denial of Service in the article and Distributed Denial of Service in the podcast. Which is it?