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We're doing another episode on how we do "Picks" on CodePen — this time with the people who do most of the picking on CodePen. Rachel, Marie, Chris, and Tim H. are on the episode to talk about how and why they pick the picks they do. What do we consider? What are the dangers? Are picks forever? How can we make this scale or have computers help? What are the differences in picking different kinds of content? What's the difference between popularity and picks? How can you get your content picked? We talk about all of it!

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  • Ruslan

    Hi CodePen.
    Is it right that algorithm for popular pens based on date of it’s creation, not a picked date, if it was picked? So when pen was created a week ago, then it gets picked and even though it has a good amount of views and hearts it might not end up in popular pens? And the best strategy is to create brand new pen and copy paste everything before send it to you. Thank you for your time.