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We're launching a new feature called The CodePen Spark — a special newsletter devoted to highlighting awesome stuff around CodePen and the web at large. There are already lots of different ways to explore great content on CodePen, but the Spark is slightly different. Other than the fact that it's delivered through email, it's a hand-picked selection of any link we think is awesome. Pens, Posts, Collections, profiles, tutorials... could be anything. Not to mention we're limiting ourselves to only around a dozen links, so it's much more compact that the hundreds of links that end up on social media.

We're only one issue deep, so it will evolve over time as well!

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Media Temple 12:10

If you're reading this or listening to the podcast, you're seeing Media Temple at work! Media Temple is our hosting company of choice. Part of what's awesome about them is how broad the range of web hosting offerings they have is. They can host a small WordPress blog for you, or you can host enterprise-level sites on AWS. Yep, they can be your DevOps team!

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