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Chris, Tim H, and Marie talk about the nuts and bolts of the CodePen's Spark — the weekly email newsletter that highlights the coolest stuff from the previous week on CodePen. We get into the challenges of getting email just right, from testing the design on various devices to getting it to your inbox each week.

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  • Sasha

    I hear my name! Thanks for the mentions guys! Keep up the great work 🙂

  • Mark Robbins

    Great to see some love for email.

    In answer to the question at the end of the show, yes, you can submit forms via email, it doesn’t work in every email client but works in about 60% of opens. The tricky part is targeting the clients where the submit works and where it doesn’t.

    There is a ton of potential in email, expect to see loads more cool, interactive stuff soon 😉

  • Steven Sanders

    Did you guys have any issues with spam complaints?

    • Nothing out of the ordinary for a list of this size 🙂 We keep the list clean by making it really easy to unsubscribe and only sending to members’ verified email addresses.