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Tim, Alex, and Chris are together answering a listener question about how we do capacity planning at CodePen. Thanks Frederick for the topic suggestion! Tim runs through all the details of how traffic is routed around CodePen's servers. We get into the details of auto-scaling and provisioning with our AWS plan. Also: a discussion of the newest CodePen feature!

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  • Andrei Telteu

    What about Google Cloud Platform ? Why did you choose AWS over GCP ?
    Did you research the two platforms ? If you did, an episode about that will be interesting.
    I’m asking because I want to learn GCP.

  • tsabat

    We’re pretty married to AWS until GCP catches up. Even then, we’re pretty in-bed with AWS due to lock in with RDM, Elasticache, and most importantly EBS, which they have no analog for. I’m excited that GCP is getting better because it puts price and feature pressure on AWS. The last thing we want is a monopoly in that space.