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We improved the quality of Pen screenshots on CodePen using a “headless” browser, and we’ve got Joel Griffith from Browserless on the show to help us talk about how it all works.

Sponsor: Jetpack 9:30

Jetpack is a WordPress plugin that combines all sorts of powerful functionality into a single plugin. Here’s a handful of things it can do:

  • Secure and back up your site.
  • Connect your social media accounts for easy publishing after posting.
  • Enable Markdown and editing enhancements.
  • Increase performance though CDN-hosted and responsive images and video.

Time Jumps

  • 0:50 Topic introduction
  • 3:25 What was CodePen using before?
  • 7:10 What’s the backend for Browserless?
  • 9:30 Sponsored by
  • 11:05 Headless Chrome has been planned for a few years.
  • 13:00 What was the process to make it work on CodePen
  • 18:40 How another web company might use screenshots.
  • 21:10 Browserless’ pressure API

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