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Team CodePen is dipping our toes into the pool of dynamically generating content using Cloudflare Workers. Alex and Marie are on to talk about what that means, and how we’re using it to improve CodePen.

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  • 01:01 Topic introduction
  • 19:56 Sponsor:
  • 21:26 What was challenging about learning Cloudflare Workers?
  • 25:23 Execution time vs request time

Sponsor 19:56 is the platform for structured content. It comes with an open source editor which you can customize with React. comes with the tooling that lets you build structured content in React, Vue, and other front end technologies like Svelte. It has powerful APIs so that you can use the same content across any device, channel, or product. You can even listen for changes in real time, and use the write APIs to patch and make new documents from code. You can get started for free on the standard plan, and add a credit card to pay as you go for usage

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