At the end of the year we’re in a bug-bashing mood. Chris and Marie are on to talk bug fixing, and dig into the behind-the-scenes on the last 10 bugs we fixed.

Time Jumps

  • 00:26 Software versioning
  • 07:06 Issues vs Features
  • 12:14 Sponsor: Netlify
  • 14:49 Dealing with issues
  • 20:47 Various bugs we’ve fixed

Sponsor: Netlify

Netlify is great for a million reasons, chief among them how easy it makes to deploy your code. Not just static files, either. Netlify helps you deploy serverless functions as well. And now, those functions can run much longer: 15 minutes. That’s enough time to do long-running tasks like web scraping, media generation and optimization, and things like data syncing.

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