A Go-person? A Golanger? A person who’s good at Go, anyway. That’s who we’d like to hire at CodePen, at the senior level.

In this podcast, we chat about how we’re thinking about this new role, why Go has been so important to us so far, and what we hope to do with it. We thought it might be helpful for you, potential hires out there, to hear about how we’re thinking about all this and get to know exactly the people you’d be working with.


  • 01:20 Specific language: Golang
  • 03:17 What’s the deal with Go?
  • 07:28 Massive database work requires a fast tool
  • 10:36 Writing in Go regularly
  • 15:49 Sponsor: Linode
  • 17:15 What kinds of things would they do?
  • 28:32 Who you’d work with
  • 31:58 What should you include when applying?

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