In this episode, Klare and Chris talk about speaking to users directly about CodePen to get their feedback and as much other intel as we can in the spirit of making CodePen better and validating some ideas for future features.


  • 00:31 How we do user testing
  • 02:43 What we’re building towards
  • 04:22 How we’re going to do user testing
  • 07:31 Who we’re asking
  • 15:45 Sponsor: Netlify
  • 17:53 Testing at different scopes of the project
  • 22:45 Finding people
  • 24:39 Scripted vs conversations with testers

Sponsor: Netlify

We had a question come in over on ShopTalk Show from a user who wanted to know what the advantage of Netlify was over putting static files in an Amazon S3 bucket with CloudFront in front of it. That was an interesting framing of the question because at first glance, because maybe in looking at the final site, it’s not that different. But how do you deploy it? How do you do cache-breaking? How does version control fit into the story? What handles your forms? How much does it cost? The Netlify answer to all those is very satisfying, and the roll-your-own answer to all those is: 😬.