Dee, Chris, and Alex talk all about the technology of Elasticsearch. That’s a link to the company itself right there, which is relevant as we use them directly to host our production Elasticsearch. We use it for (wait for it): search. But interestingly enough, that’s not all. Elasticsearch is just a data store that can be useful for all sorts of other things. But before we get to that, we explain the technology and some of the problems we’ve had along the way that we’re still on a journey to entirely smooth out.


  • 00:38 Elasticsearch! Elasticsearch!
  • 01:46 What is Elasticsearch?
  • 03:25 Are they schema’d like JSON?
  • 07:02 What’s the problem with a single database?
  • 12:16 Elk?
  • 16:16 What was the fire we had to put out?
  • 20:19 Search on staging!
  • 23:19 What about Logstash?