Marie & Chris talk about the brand new event tracking feature in Appcues. We’re still pretty stoked we can even afford Appcues, since it’s super pricey software for our company. The fact that they just released event tracking dashboards makes it feel much more affordable though, because this unlocks super valuable information for us instantly. It’s like we get what would get by also buying super expensive analytics software, only it’s rolled into what we already pay for.

Sponsor: Netlify

High five to Netlify for the sponsorship. This is a tiny part of Netlify, but just think about how cool Netlify Drop is. For all sorts of people, but particularly for beginners and teachers, this little feature makes the web feel real. Imagine you take a quick class learning HTML and CSS, and make a “fake” site on your local computer. That might feel kinda neat, but then you drop it on Netlify Drop, and it becomes an honest-to-god real website on the internet that anyone in the world can see. That’s big.


  • 01:41 What does Appcues do?
  • 03:21 Build vs Buy
  • 06:30 Deciding what and who to measure
  • 08:15 Sponsor: Netlify
  • 10:06 Cost of Appcues
  • 13:58 What we’ve found from Appcues
  • 17:53 Event tracking inside CodePen
  • 26:34 Finding out about bottom events